StreetPLAY is a simple idea:

Remember shouting ‘CAR!’ during a game of ball hockey on the street?

Remember knocking on your neighbour’s door to come out and play?

Remember playing on the street until the street lights came on?


The average roaming distance for children aged 10 has decreased from 10 KM in the 1950s to 100-250 meters today. 100-250 meters means children are not able to access their local parks or schools and need a free, accessible outdoor play option right outside their front doors.

In 2016, the City of Toronto lifted a ban on playing hockey on residential streets, creating an opportunity for Earth Day Canada to promote and encourage citywide street play. With a one-year grant from the Ontario Trillium Foundation, the six-month recurring street closure pilot program was created.

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The simple recipe for a happy street

Toronto StreetPLAY. Get PLAYin’!

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2019 Application Deadlines:

  • Application deadline for June 1st start: May 1st.
  • Application deadline for September 1st start: June 1st.

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StreetPLAY Reports

In 2016-2017, EDC worked with the City of Toronto Transportation Services and the Public Works Committee to develop the Toronto Street Play Pilot Project (TSPPP). We created a permit and process that allowed residents to close their neighbourhood streets on a weekly/biweekly basis for outdoor play. With a one-year grant from the Ontario Trillium Foundation, and through collaborative efforts with the City, EDC temporarily closed seven street sections in one of Toronto’s inner urban neighbourhoods to support children’s outdoor play.

The TSPPP demonstrated that there is a large appetite for outdoor play right outside our front doors. Researchers from Ryerson University conducted an evaluation of the pilot project to assess impact.

Toronto StreetPLAY Pilot Project Report

Opening Neighbourhood Streets for Children’s Play: Results from the StreetPLAY Pilot Program in Toronto

Bring StreetPLAY to Your Community

Currently, only a few wards within the City of Toronto have participated in the StreetPLAY initiative. We would love to see more residents and streets engaged in StreetPLAY.

To get started on bringing StreetPLAY into your community, contact  at or 416-599-1991 x 201

The Evolution of StreetPLAY

Long-term vision

StreetPLAY is an accessible program to support outdoor play in residential communities. Following the success of a pilot project in Toronto in 2017, Earth Day Canada is working toward replicating the StreetPLAY model in cities across the country, allowing every child the freedom to regularly play actively and independently near their own front door. Here’s what that might look like:

Stage 1: Permit


Establishing an easily accessible permit system for regular street closures for play.

Stage 2: Play Hours


Establishing a program whereby residential streets are closed on a regular schedule for StreetPLAY (i.e. Mon-Fri 4-8pm and a few hours on the weekends), with cities providing infrastructure support in the form of StreetPLAY wardens and barricades.

Stage 3: Play Infrastructure


Cities in Canada adopt a child-friendly city approach where children’s rights are recognized in city planning. Public space is designated for children’s play, just as public space is designated for parking, etc., including storage containers for play materials.