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Earth Day Canada

December 2014 Earth Tones

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Announcing a new Beyond Green campaign

Win $25,000 worth of technology for your school!

New Year’s Green Resolutions from the EDC Team

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Happy Holidays from all of us at Earth Day Canada!

Deb Doncaster, President,Earth Day Canada

Deb Doncaster, President,
Earth Day Canada

“Material things turn out to provide less happiness than experiential purchases.”

I read this quote recently in Happy Money: The Science of Smarter Spending by Elizabeth Dunn and Michael Norton. It’s an inspiring environmental message, especially on the eve of the holiday season: Instead of planning the holidays around presents, plan it around activities like having game sessions or sing-a-longs, or going as a family or group to do something for someone else.

I am personally very interested in the intersection of environmentalism and happiness. For me, those moments comes when I am outdoors with family and friends, going for walks, skating, or going to a local farmers’ market.

This holiday season, I encourage you try to plan around getting outdoors, connecting with nature and with your community: a few ideas include skating at your local rink (many have rental equipment available) or hosting a bonfire in your local park (many now have permits for outdoor fires). In terms of gift giving along the lines of the authors’ ideas, try embracing gifts of winter activities such as a skating lesson, a ski day-pass, or a low-cost invitation to go hiking, perhaps with a hearty meal afterwards.

My 10-year-old son is becoming increasingly aware and concerned about homelessness. This holiday season we are very involved in the outreach efforts of our local church to feed, clothe and support local families, including a winter gear drive so adults and children alike can enjoy the outdoors and local outdoor facilities.

This holiday season, we encourage you to look outside for inspiration. There is so much going on across our country that builds community and outdoor connection, so let’s get outside and connect with the earth and with our neighbours this winter!

Warm wishes for a safe and happy holiday season,


Waking the Frog: Solutions for Our Climate Change Paralysis

Announcing a new Beyond Green campaign

Waking the FrogAre you concerned about climate change? Do you want to work towards implementing solutions today?

Led by cleantech entrepreneur Tom Rand, the new Beyond Green 'Waking the Frog' campaign provides you with tools to demand action on climate change from people of influence in your communities. The campaign utilizes Rand’s book Waking the Frog: Solutions for Our Climate Change Paralysis, in which he argues that the solutions we need to tackle climate change are within our grasp. In the new year, Tom will host a series of webinars on the book’s major topics, where you can learn more and pose burning questions. Additional multimedia resources and updates can be found on the Beyond Green website.

To learn about the rewards of participating and to sign up to get involved, click here.

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Win $25,000 worth of technology for your school!

Are you an ecovator? Superpower your SchoolAre you an Ecovator – a superhero who innovates to make a difference for the environment? Does your school save the planet with its eco programs? Here’s your chance to superpower your school with the latest technology!

The 2015 Staples Superpower your School Contest, brought to you in collaboration with Earth Day Canada, will run January 5 – January 31, 2015 and will recognize schools that are doing their part to protect the planet. The contest – available in English and French – offers elementary and secondary publicly-funded schools a chance to win $25,000 worth of innovative technology. Visit starting January 5, 2015 to submit your entry.

Want to get a head start on your entry? Download the Pre-Entry Guide for a sneak peek at the entry questions and helpful tips.

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New Year’s Green Resolutions from the EDC Team

The New Year is a great time to set new goals for ourselves. Here is how some of our very own are planning to go green in 2015!

“To #livegreenin2015, I resolve to grow a beautiful garden using responsibly-sourced, organic seeds and plant pollinator-friendly flowers. ” –Jo Anne, Corporate Employee Engagement Lead

“My #livegreenin2015 resolution is to upgrade the insulation in the c-c-cold basement of my 100 year old, very air-leak ridden house.” –Rebecca, Communications and Campaigns Director

“I plan to #livegreenin2015 by lovingly tending the plants in the EDC office and adding even more, with an aim to improving both air quality and our staff’s enjoyment of the workplace (so they can keep working to green Canada!)” –Linda, Finance and Operations Manager

“For the new year I'm planning on setting up a home compost with worms and all! #livegreenin2015” –Genevieve, Education Programs Coordinator

How do you plan to live green in 2015? Share your green resolutions with us on Facebook or Twitter using the hashtag #livegreenin2015.

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