Winter Outdoor Play Assembly

Our seasons in Canada provide lots of interesting variety to view in nature, and a great variety of outdoor play opportunities.

It has been reported by pediatricians that the health benefits of staying physically active outweigh the risk of cold exposure. You need to get outside and be active just as much during winter time! The number one thing to do to ensure FUN? Dress warmly!

This is an ideal action to do with your class (or friends in the neighbourhood).

To prepare for your Winter Play Day you are going to talk fashion. If you followed our previous Take Actions during the school year, specifically collecting for a Clothing and Outdoor Gear Library covered in Save for Play , you will be almost there!

To maximize your library, you and your class might pick these items up at home, from friends or the thrift store:

  • Used winter clothing – hats, gloves, scarves, snow pants etc. AND the crazier the better! Think bright blue with purple polka dots.
  • Some used winter accessories, such as goggles, ear muffs, boots, or even old snow shoes.
  • If you are able to pick up some bigger items, you could bring sleds, toboggans, hockey sticks, etc.
  • Winter gear often comes in many bright colours. To make your Winter Play day unique you could create a theme or fun twist for your outfit. You could dress in as many different colours or patterns as you can find or you could create a character. Old fur coats and other dress up items could be fun too.
  • Once you are dressed you can have a play assembly where everyone gathers to show off their gear. From here you can walk to the Playground at your school or another area outside close to the school. Use your sled or toboggan to cart out your loose parts.
  • After your fashion procession, it’s time to play!