This year marks Canada’s 150th birthday! Celebrations across the country are highlighting our great outdoors. At a time when most children spend less than an hour per day outside, we’re asking everyone to

EarthPLAY for Earth Day 2017: Connect to your nature!

Why Does Outdoor Play Matter?

Remember how you played as a child?

Did you spend a lot of time outside, building forts, climbing trees, inventing new games and get your hands dirty, without any grownups interfering?

This type of play is rapidly disappearing from our world.

Why does Earth Day Canada care so much,
and why should you?

Because kids who don’t get outside, who aren’t stimulated by their environment, won’t grow up with any motivation to protect our planet. And kids who don’t connect to their inner nature through creative play won’t be as resilient as generations before them.

That’s why we’re dedicating this year’s campaign to outdoor play. There are lots of different ways to get involved — you can start by scrolling down this page!

Hear it from David Suzuki!

Watch our video about EarthPLAY!

Share Your #PLAYmemory With Us!

Think back to when you were growing up, to when you stayed out with your friends playing on the street until it got dark; when you had a favourite climbing tree in a nearby ravine; or when you got soaked playing Capture the Flag in the rain. Tell us what made it memorable, why you had so much fun, or even how it shaped who you are today!

If you have an old photo of yourself from this time, even better — we’ll be sharing some vintage photos of our staff and their play memories, and we’ve got some Canadian celebrities planning to reveal theirs, too. Just use these hashtags:
#PLAYmemory and #ED2017.

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