Employee Engagement

Bolstering corporate employee engagement and sustainability strategies

Earth Day Canada recognizes that addressing environmental issues requires the participation of all sectors of society. There are significant opportunities to work with the business community, and Earth Day Canada works strategically with its corporate partners to create and deliver customized programs that facilitate behaviour change amongst employees, while helping achieve their sustainability and conservation goals.

Earth Day Canada employee engagement programs:

  • Focus on realizing internal corporate goals and the triple emphasis on: people, planet and profit
  • Create positive internal awareness, adoption, and recognition of existing and developing environmental solutions
  • Align business, environmental sustainability and corporate social responsibility goals
  • Increase employee retention and attract new talent by engaging, empowering and celebrating employee innovation and involvement

Why employee engagement programs are important

Successful employee engagement programs benefit the triple emphasis areas while:

  • Creating a feeling of shared ownership, by allowing employees to lead peer-driven, bottom-up initiatives
  • Providing mechanisms for enhanced two-way communication between workers and management
  • Recognizing efforts, celebrating successes and using incentives to generate real, lasting commitment and change
  • Strengthening and enhancing employee retention, satisfaction, productivity and recruitment

For more information on how your company can benefit from employee engagement, please contact employee.engagement@earthday.ca.

“EDC has played, and continues to play, an integral role in developing, delivering and evaluating EcoConnexions, a customized employee engagement program at CN. They understand the importance of aligning our employee engagement objectives with our business and sustainability goals—exactly what we need in a partner when reaching out to over 22,000 office and yard employees across North America.”

Chantale Després

Director of Sustainability, CN