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Earth Day Canada President, Deb Doncaster

Deb Doncaster has dedicated more than 25 years to the fields of human rights, animal welfare, environmental conservation, planning and stewardship, and green energy.  She was a leader in the development of Canada’s first community-owned, utility-scale wind turbine on the Toronto Waterfront and spearheaded several organizations, coalitions and campaigns resulting in the establishment of the Ontario Renewable Energy Standard Offer Program, the Green Energy and Economy Act, the Community Energy Partnership Program and the Aboriginal Energy Partnership Programs. In recognition of her leadership, she was awarded with the Market Transformation Award from the City of Toronto’s Green Toronto Awards, in 2009.


From 2010-2013, Deb served as president of the Community Power Fund, a $10-million dollar per year fund that supported community organizations’ involvement in Ontario’s feed-in-tariff program.

Since January 2014, Deb has held the position of President of Earth Day Canada. Her primary reason for joining EDC was to lead a strategic shift in focus toward connecting people to nature. For the past decade, she has worked tirelessly at the community level to develop innovative ways to get children playing outside — one such initiative is OAK (Outdoor Active Kids), which Deb founded, a stay-and-play opportunity for children within a local school community.

Deb holds Master’s degrees in Law from Carleton University (Ottawa) and Environmental Studies from York University (Toronto).


Deb Doncaster

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Director of Sustainability and Communications

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