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The new Earth Flag is printed and it’s beautiful!

The 25th Anniversary Earth Flag demonstrates the collective resolve of Canadians to reduce their carbon footprint. From Earth Day 2015 until Earth Day 2016, Earth Day Canada encouraged Canadians to pledge their commitment to “Make Earth Day Every Day and Reduce my Carbon Footprint”.

Created using people’s signatures on all kinds of canvases – paper, T-shirts, posters, even superhero capes – mailed in from schools, businesses and communities across Canada, alongside digital signatures through our website, the 25th Anniversary Earth Flag measures 30 x 50 feet in size and features original artwork by renowned Canadian artist Charles Pachter. It includes signatures from Al Gore, Robert Bateman, Elizabeth May and even Prime Minister Justin Trudeau!

The Earth Flag made its official debut on April 15, 2016 at the Green Living Show in Toronto.

25th Earth Flag Debut at GLS

25th Anniversary Earth Flag Debut at 10th Anniversary Green Living Show, April 15, 2016


We have a very small number of limited edition prints of ‘Moose Proud’, the iconic image on our 25th anniversary Earth Flag, created by renowned Canadian artist Charles Pachter. If you are interested in purchasing one of these — with all proceeds going toward Earth Day Canada programming — please email info@earthday.ca or call 416-599-1991.

Download the digital version of the 25th anniversary Earth Flag

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See the 1992 Earth Flag video

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A Piece of History – the 1992 Earth Flag

Created in 1992, the first Earth Flag had 500,000 signatures portraying the commitment of Canadians to protect the planet. Then Prime Minister Brian Mulroney was the final signatory to the Flag before it went to Rio for the Earth Summit where the first international climate accord was signed.

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Earth Flag Sponsors

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A very special thank you to our community sponsors!

Air Canada

BC Sustainable Energy Alliance

Brookfield Solutions

Burlington Green

Canadian Association of University Teachers

Citizens Environmental Alliance

Climate Reality Project Canada

Clint Weiler

Environmental Defence

Eric Alper

Faith and the Common Good

Falls Brook Centre

Golder Associates

Gowlings Law Firm

Graduate Students’ Association of the University of Calgary

Green Action

Green Revolution


Greenpeace Canada

JEDI (Joint Economic Development Initiative)

Jeff Ojeda

Kory Neely

Laurentian University

Loyalty One


Ms.NJ Taylor


Ontario Clean Air Alliance

Pinchin Associates

Pine Project

Sierra Club Canada Foundation

St. Lawrence College

Tapestry Leader – U-hib

University of Toronto at Mississauga Students’ Union

Women in Renewable Energy

York University