In most neighbourhood playgrounds, you’re likely to find factory-standard equipment and children playing in a way that is led and supervised by parents and caregivers.

EarthPLAY is rethinking this model.

Every neighbourhood should have a dedicated space for children and youth. A space that offers a variety of green elements, loose parts and play structures for children to discover nature, challenge themselves physically, and foster social connections. A space that gives children the freedom to play and explore, discover and build, as children desire.

Adventure Parks offer trained staff for the supervision of maker spaces and tinkering activities. As curated wild spaces, they are created for and accessed by all children, and model a higher standard of play.


What are Loose Parts?

Loose parts are items that can be used to facilitate different kinds of play, or any material that a child can manipulate for playful purposes. The idea that these materials can move, combine and change, expands a child’s creative play possibilities exponentially.

The most “valuable” loose parts are often low-cost items such as upcycled and recycled materials. The more children can use, manipulate and have the freedom to experiment with the material, the more they can experience, enjoy and learn.

Loose parts can be sourced and recycled to create a curated collection in areas such as parks and schools that have space for children to play. A good collection of loose parts will need storage that offers access to all who will be using them. The collection also needs ongoing organization, maintenance and replenishing of any less durable items.

Our ParkPLAY POP-UP Adventure program is informed by the history of adventure playgrounds

Get in touch!

For more information on the Outdoor Play and Learning Pilot Program or to inquire about hosting a POP-UP Adventure Playground, please email or call Earth Day Canada at 416-599-1991 and ask to speak with a member of our Play team.

Brenda Simon

Director of Play Programs

Linda Naccarato

OPAL Project Director

Jane Pilskalnietis

Jane Pilskalnietis

POP-UP Play Programs Manager