April 22

Celebration in action!


Media Campaign 2024

What is the Earth Day Campaign? The Earth Day Canada media campaign unfolds across a multitude of platforms until April 22. Beyond raising awareness about environmental issues among citizens and organizations across the country, this impactful campaign aims to inspire as many people as possible to take action. The campaign will be unveiled on March

Ville de Laval

Mobilizing Municipalities

The Role of Municipalities in the Ecological Transition With urban areas set to become home to two-thirds of the world population by 2050 and as climate change is being observed and experienced at an increasingly local level, cities find themselves at the frontline of the battle against climate change. Bringing together innovators from every sector


Earth Day T-shirt

The Canadian Made T-Shirt That Plants Trees. Each year, an Earth Day t-shirt is designed in collaboration with a local brand to support the greening of Quebec and Canada. Thanks to this funding, trees will be planted across the country as part of the Tree Planting Relay. The 2021 edition of the Earth Day t-shirt, 100% made in Canada, is signed by Le Cartel. Don’t miss out on it!

Test-Visuel-Relais - IKO 15 mai SANS

Tree Planting Relay

Initiated on the 50th anniversary of Earth Day, the Municipal Tree Planting Relay is the perfect way for cities to highlight their dedication to addressing climate change and to reiterate their commitment to sustainability. On the 22nd of every month until Earth Day, cities across Canada will announce their pledge to plant at least 50


Calendar of activities

Are you a school, an organization, a municipality, or an individual? You want to organize an activity as part of Earth Day but you need inspiration? Here are some ideas.


Ceremonial Planting

This year, Earth Day Canada joined the District of Summerland, the 2023 Mobilizing Municipalities spokesperson, for its local planting ceremony. This is the first ceremonial tree planting held in British Columbia! Doug Holmes, Mayor of the District of Summerland, Phoebe Landers, Earth Day Canada Development Officer, Odessa Cohen, Sustainability Coordinator for the District of Summerland


Earth Day Everyday Celebration

What is the Earth Day Everyday Celebration? You are invited to the first annual Earth Day Everyday Celebration! This event will be a unique annual benefit that will bring together individuals from a variety of backgrounds and industries, with each year offering different activities. This year, we are excited to offer an evening of comedy


Urban Banquet 2024

What is the Urban Banquet? The Urban Banquet is a unique annual benefit event that brings together professionals from a variety of backgrounds and industries for a unique and exciting evening. It is the perfect opportunity to support the environmental initiatives completed throughout the year by the Earth Day Canada team. One evening a year,

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