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Making the collective transition to electric vehicles (EV) is an important component of the global strategy to fight climate change. However, the infrastructure required to support this change can be cost prohibitive for many communities. Aviva Canada has worked with Earth Day Canada to create Charged for Change, a program that aims to facilitate the transition to electric mobility in underserved communities across Canada.

Over 3 years, with the support of Earth Day Canada, Aviva will provide $3 million in funding to support the installation of public electric vehicle charging stations in communities across Canada who are looking to increase charging opportunities locally. This investment will help remove a key barrier these communities face in getting EV infrastructure up and running, which proves to be a deciding factor for Canadians considering the purchase of an EV.

Key program steps

3 application periods will be held over 3 years, as follows:

• from January 3rd to March 22nd, 2023;
• from November 6th, 2023 to February 22nd, 2024;
• from November 6th, 2024 to February 22nd, 2025.

For each round of application, recipients will be publicly announced around Earth Day, April 22nd.


To be considered for the 2024 round of funding, applicants must meet the following criteria:

  • Be located in Canada;
  • Be a recognized Canadian Municipality or Indigenous Community with less than 100,000 residents;
  • Have a higher number of residents per charging head ratio than the provincial average (see the Application Guide for the ratios per province/territory).


The project must:

  • Include the installation of new, permanent level 2 EV charger(s) ;
  • Include a minimum of four (4) charging heads ;
  • Increase charging opportunities locally via public charging infrastructure in any of the following areas: on-street, multi-unit residential buildings, or workplaces.


To view the full list of eligibility requirements, including legal and financial, please visit the Charged for Change website or refer to the Applicant Guide.

The application period for 2024 is now closed. The selected communities for funding will be announced in April 2024.



To get more information about the program, you can check the recording below and send your questions regarding the program to:


Beneficiaries 2024

Regional Town of Cap-Acadie
"Securing the Charged for Change funding for Cap-Acadie is a crucial step in our commitment to the environment. As a municipality, we are deeply invested in preserving our ecosystem and promoting sustainable practices. Our project to install five charging stations on our territory represents not only an opportunity to modernize our infrastructure, but also a concrete step towards a future that is more respectful of our planet. We're optimistic that this funding will help us realize our vision of a greener community." - Serge Léger, Mayor, Regional Town of Cap-Acadie
Town of Okotoks
“Okotoks has already experienced the impact of warming temperatures from greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions leading to increased risk of flooding and extended periods of drought. It’s imperative that we actively seek out solutions to mitigate these impacts on our community, and work towards our goal of carbon neutrality by 2050. We’re excited to receive the Charged for Change funding as it will increase the Town’s EV charging capacity and reduce barriers to EV ownership in our community, while also setting a precedent for local businesses and residents on the importance of climate action.” – Valerie Ekelund, Climate Change and Energy Specialist, Town of Okotoks
Municipality of Lakeshore
“We are thrilled to receive this funding and we’d like to thank Aviva Canada and Earth Day Canada for their help in making Lakeshore a more sustainable place to live, work, and play. These charging stations will support a green future in Lakeshore and will be used by both residents and visitors to our incredible communities.” - Tracey Bailey, Mayor, Municipality of Lakeshore
Municipality of Chertsey
"It is with great pleasure that the Municipality of Chertsey welcomes its first publicly accessible charging stations on its territory, thanks to the Charged for Change funding. These new charging stations will enable not only our residents, but also all those who visit us, to enjoy a positive, user-friendly recharging experience while practicing their recreational, tourist and cultural activities in the heart of our charming municipality. In this way, we hope to encourage the transition to more sustainable, environmentally-friendly mobility. Having residents who are more committed and more responsible in the face of the climate crisis, it's possible, because in Chertsey, there are mountains of possibilities!" – Michelle Joly, Mayor, Municipality of Chertsey
Town of Grand Bay-Westfield
"The Town of Grand Bay-Westfield extends appreciation to the Charged for Change program for providing funding for five (5) public Level 2 electric vehicle charging stations. This funding directly aligns with the Town’s Strategic Priority of Infrastructure and Climate Adaptation, as well as our Community Climate Adaptation Plan. We are very pleased that this funding will provide additional electric vehicle charging opportunities for residents and visitors in our community." - Brittany Merrifield, Mayor, Town of Grand Bay-Westfield
Municipality of Hautes-Terres
"As a new municipality in a rural area, we are proud to receive funding from the Charged for Change program. This project allows us to take our first steps towards an ecological transition, and we're delighted, since protecting the environment is part of our strategic planning. We welcome the opportunity to offer these electric charging stations to our citizens and visitors. The locations targeted by this project will encourage our visitors to use the Véloroute de la Péninsule acadienne as well as the services of our new municipal building. These first terminals for our new municipality will enable us to take important steps towards having a positive impact." - Denis Landry, Mayor, Municipality of Hautes-Terres
Rural Community of Kedgwick
"We are extremely grateful for the generous grant from the "Charged for Change" program for the installation of Level 2 charging stations at our rest stop in Kedgwick. This financial support represents an important step towards a more sustainable and energy-efficient future for our community.Thanks to this contribution, we will be able to meet the growing needs of electric vehicle users in our region, which is particularly important given Kedgwick's heavy traffic and remote location. This initiative will not only promote the adoption of electric transportation, but will also help reduce our collective carbon footprint." - Roch Dugas, Acting General Manager
Village of Bois-Joli
"We are proud to have been selected to receive funding from the Charged for Change program. This initiative reflects our commitment to sustainable development and our desire to support environmentally-friendly modes of transport. Obtaining this funding fills us with satisfaction, as it will enable us to offer an essential service to electric car owners, helping to promote the adoption of environmentally-friendly vehicles in our community, in addition to being able to enjoy our recreational facilities while recharging." - Mario Pelletier, Mayor, Village of Bois-Joli

Beneficiaries 2023


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