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Making the collective transition to electric vehicles (EV) is an important component of the global strategy to fight climate change. However, the infrastructure required to support this change can be cost prohibitive for many communities. Aviva Canada has worked with Earth Day Canada to create Charged for Change, a program that aims to facilitate the transition to electric mobility in underserved communities across Canada.

Over 3 years, with the support of Earth Day Canada, Aviva will provide $3 million in funding to support the installation of public electric vehicle charging stations in communities across Canada who are looking to increase charging opportunities locally. This investment will help remove a key barrier these communities face in getting EV infrastructure up and running, which proves to be a deciding factor for Canadians considering the purchase of an EV.

Key program steps

3 application periods will be held over 3 years, as follows:

• from January 3rd to March 22nd, 2023;
• from November 6th, 2023 to February 22nd, 2024;
• from November 6th, 2024 to February 22nd, 2025.

For each round of application, recipients will be publicly announced around Earth Day, April 22nd.


To be considered for the 2024 round of funding, applicants must meet the following criteria:

  • Be located in Canada;
  • Be a recognized Canadian Municipality or Indigenous Community with less than 100,000 residents;
  • Have a higher number of residents per charging head ratio than the provincial average (see the Application Guide for the ratios per province/territory).


The project must:

  • Include the installation of new, permanent level 2 EV charger(s) ;
  • Include a minimum of four (4) charging heads ;
  • Increase charging opportunities locally via public charging infrastructure in any of the following areas: on-street, multi-unit residential buildings, or workplaces.


To view the full list of eligibility requirements, including legal and financial, please visit the Charged for Change website or refer to the Applicant Guide.

The application period for 2024 is now closed. The selected communities for funding will be announced in April 2024.



To get more information about the program, you can check the recording below and send your questions regarding the program to:


Beneficiaries 2023

Municipality of East Ferris
“As a rural northern Ontario community, we wanted to be more progressive in our approach to EV and become a leader in the transition to EV in our community. We are thrilled to be receiving the Charged for Change funding! This will help us build the first public charging stations in the community at our new municipal office.” - Greg Kirton, Director of Community Services
Township of Essa
“Essa Township hopes to provide chargers to its residents in an effort to accommodate new and existing electric vehicles in our community. Since Township roads are often used as thoroughfares for neighbouring employment and vacation destinations, we will also be able to support commuters and visitors alike. Thanks to the Charged for Change program, we will soon be able to provide these services!” – Samuel Hannif, Manager of Planning
Township of Manitouwadge
“There are currently no publicly accessible EV charging stations in Manitouwadge and we are thrilled to receive funding from the Charged for Change program! The installation of EV Chargers at our public facilities will allow for easy access to our residents, further help us support EV transition as well as to attract visitors and tourists to our community.” - Jim Moffat, Mayor
Town of Pelham
“Providing public EV charging stations within Pelham aligns with the Town’s Strategic Plan as well as the Climate Change Adaptation Plan and the Town is grateful to have been selected to receive the Charged for Change funding. Pelham currently does not have any public EV charging stations and there has been requests from residents to have them available in the downtown hub. It is exciting to have this funding support for these additions for the community!” – David Cribbs, Chief Administrative Officer
The County of Prince Edward
“Our community relies heavily on personal vehicle use to get around our large and geographically dispersed municipality. The lack of charging infrastructure is often a source a frustration for people visiting the County and a barrier to transitioning away from carbon-emitting personal vehicles. We are extremely happy to be granted funding from the Charged for Change program. It will help us mitigate the current issue of public EV charger accessibility and meet The County’s climate and sustainability goals.” - Steve Ferguson, Mayor
Township of Selwyn
“We are very excited to have been selected as a beneficiary community of the Charged for Change program! Installing electric vehicle chargers will support the Township’s climate change goals and electric vehicle adoption by reducing barriers caused by range anxiety. It will also create charging opportunities for individuals and seasonal residents travelling across Selwyn Township.” - Sherry Senis, Mayor
Town of Thessalon
“Being awarded the Charged for Change funding is fantastic news! With this grant, we will be able to install EV charging stations that will not only be an investment in our environment but also an investment in our community’s economic development. Along with other greener community initiatives, this project will also help to inspire our residents in becoming more environmetally responsible.” - The Council of the Town of Thessalon


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