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Making the collective transition to electric vehicles (EV) is an important component of the global strategy to fight climate change. However, the infrastructure required to support this change can be cost prohibitive for many communities. Aviva Canada has worked with Earth Day Canada to create Charged for Change, a program that aims to facilitate the transition to electric mobility in underserved communities across Canada.

Over 3 years, with the support of Earth Day Canada, Aviva will provide $3 million in funding to support the installation of public electric vehicle charging stations in communities across Canada who are looking to increase charging opportunities locally. This investment will help remove a key barrier these communities face in getting EV infrastructure up and running, which proves to be a deciding factor for Canadians considering the purchase of an EV.

Key program steps

3 application periods will be held over the next 3 years, as follows:

• from January 3rd to March 22nd, 2023;
• from January 2nd to March 22nd, 2024;
• from January 2nd to March 22nd, 2025.

For each round of application, recipients will be publicly announced around Earth Day, April 22nd.

To be considered for 2023 funding, projects must meet the following criteria:

• Be located in Ontario.
• Be a recognized Canadian Municipality or Indigenous Community with less than 100,000 residents.
• Have less than the Ontario provincial average of 1 public charging station per 8,610 people within the community.
• Include the installation of new, permanent level 2 EV charger(s).
• Increase charging opportunities locally via public charging infrastructure in any of the following areas: on-street, multi-unit residential buildings, or workplaces.

To view the full list of eligibility requirements, including legal and financial, please refer to the Applicant Guide.

The application period for 2023 is now closed.
Selected communities will be publicly announced on Tuesday, April 18.
Visit the Charged for Change website for more information or watch the information webinar below.

If you have questions about the program and application process, please contact us at:


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