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What is Project 2050 from Earth Rangers?

Project 2050 is an initiative launched by Earth Rangers and supported by Earth Day Canada to involve children ages 6 to 12 in the fight against climate change. It’s an opportunity for them to participate in fun challenges and collaborate with other children towards the same goal! They’ll take concrete actions every day to reduce our greenhouse gas emissions and help Canada reach its net zero targets.

Learn more and see how we can help the planet while having fun! A series of Challenges will be available throughout the year and 3 have already started! By joining these Challenges, you’ll discover climate-friendly habits to use every day and gain access to resources to learn more.

The challenges

The Big Splash

Ready to make waves? Join the "The Big Splash" challenge! Discover a real treasure trove of tips endorsed by mermaids to reduce your daily water consumption!

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Gross Out

Step into the epic world of the GROSS OUT Challenge! Brace yourself for fun and messy habits that fight climate change.

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Rangers vs Plastic

If being climate-friendly were a sport, plastic would be off the team! In this Challenge we’ll work together to kick plastic waste out of the game for good!

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All Taste, No Waste

The food that we waste at home is causing trouble on the planet. In this Challenge, we are slashing our food waste to help fight climate change!

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Tree Hugger Challenge

Trees give us fresh air to breathe, shade to cool off under, and provide food and habitat for tons of animals. They also absorb harmful heat-trapping greenhouse gases from the atmosphere. In this Challenge, let's befriend trees and join their fight against climate change!

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Earth Defence Squad

Don’t we all want superpowers? In fact, we all have them and we can use them to fight our common enemy: global warming. This challenge is here to help us develop and use these powers every day. Join the challenge to learn more!

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Act Like an Animal!

Let’s learn daily climate-friendly habits from our friends the animals. Is it cold today? Let’s do as the polar bear does with its second layer of fur and keep warm with a second layer of clothes (or even a third for those who are really sensitive to the cold!) instead of turning up the thermostat. Rabbits, owls and even hermit crabs also have tips to share!

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