Earth Day Canada works with corporate partners, donors and grantors nationwide across a wide variety of industries. We recognize the importance of all types of businesses in creating a sustainable future. Our work is grounded in science with a main focus on awareness and impact. Every supporter aids us in our mission to help people, communities and businesses reduce their environmental footprint.

Donors provide critical funding to Earth Day Canada’s mission, a specific program or initiative, or our annual campain. We are thankful to each of them for their generous contributions.

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Lead Donors

Aviva Canada provides crucial funding to the Charged for Change program to create measureable impact in Ontario communities by funding the purchase and installation of public electric vehicle charging infrastructure in areas where uptake is slow. From 2023-2026, Charged for Change will provide 9 Ontario communities with much needed infrastructure to aid in accelerating the transition to electric vehicles.
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In collaboration with the organization, the creative agency Sid Lee produces the annual Earth Day media campaign, which aims to raise Canadians’ awareness of environmental issues and encourage them to take concrete action. The agency’s originality and creativity make it a major partner in the fight against climate change.
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Corporate Donors

Earth Day Canada has chosen Chargepoint to be its supplier for the 100 fast charging stations (DCFCs) of the Ecocharge network. In addition to the chaergers, Chargepoint is also providing the associated mobile application for electric vehicle drivers and the online operation dashboard. Finally, Chargepoint is responsible for maintaining the stations during the first few years of operation and is working to meet Earth Day Canada’s specific requests for ongoing network improvements.
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Durand lawyers provides pro bono legal expertise to Earth Day Canada to help assist us in accomplishing our mission.
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Ecotank provides a recurring donation to Earth Day Canada from the proceeds of the bulk window washer fluid provided through our EcoCharge network. By providing window washer fluid in bulk, Ecotank saves GHG’s through the reduction in plastic production.
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Ipsos, a global leader in market research, supports Earth Day Canada’s annual campaign by providing reliable statistics and a nuanced understanding of society.
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Poulet Rouge provides financial support for tree planting as part of our Tomorrow’s Forest program.
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