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WHAT IS ACTION/REDUCTION? Action/Reduction® is a tailored support service that encourages organizations to practice better waste management. While adapting to the realities of public or private organizations, the program provides personalized support to help reduce the percentage of waste sent to landfill or incineration by reducing waste at its source and recovering it through composting


Aiming for action

You are a young person between 14 and 30 years old and you are involved in the environment? Participate in the Aiming for Action contest and receive a grant to carry out your ecological projects.


Distribution of eco-friendly items

What is meant by distributing eco-friendly items? The Fonds Éco IGA and Earth Day Canada are joining forces to deploy a squad reaching out to citizens of Quebec and New Brunswick to raise awareness and help them reduce their carbon footprint. By distributing eco-friendly products at an accessible price, households will be able to take sustainability into


Earth Day Conferences

What Are The Earth Day Conferences About? Earth Day is offering two new virtual conferences that provide an introduction to climate action under two different themes. Hold a conference for $500 (tax free) to learn all of Earth Day’s tips and tricks for eating sustainably and adopting an eco-friendly lifestyle. The conferences are participatory and



EcoCharge is a new network of 100 fast charging stations that are tailored to current and future electric vehicles. Located throughout Quebec and New Brunswick, EcoCharge makes life easier by allowing you to charge your vehicle while you shop for groceries at one of the 50 IGA partner sites.


Food Fight

WHAT IS FOOD FIGHT? Since 2015, the Food Fight program, carried out in partnership with the Fonds Éco IGA, has held free educational workshops for people across Quebec and New Brunswick to provide them with simple, practical advice to help fight food waste. It’s also a community of mutual support that exchanges information, including blog posts written by our experts, and resources to help


Montreal Zero Waste Festival

This year, the Fonds Éco IGA will proudly take part in the latest edition of the Montreal Zero Waste Festival by means of a virtual booth providing waste reduction initiatives and tips.


Solidarity collections

Since the beginning of the pandemic in Quebec, this crisis has greatly affected the agri-food sector. Given this situation, supermarkets and other stores have been forced to stop accepting returnable containers. Supported by the initiation of a unique alliance between supermarkets Métro and IGA, Earth Day Canada has launched the Solidarity Collections project in Montreal.


The observatory on climate migration

WHAT IS THE OBSERVATORY ON CLIMATE MIGRATION? The rise of climate change and extreme weather events has led to the emergence of environmental migrants. “Environmental migrants are persons or groups of persons who, predominantly for reasons of sudden or progressive change in the environment that adversely affects their lives or living conditions, are obliged to


Tomorrow’s Forest

WHAT IS TOMORROW’S FOREST? The program Tomorrow’s Forest is an initiative presented by the Cowboys Fringants Foundation and operated by Earth Day Canada in collaboration with the David Suzuki Foundation and La Tribu. With the success of planting 375 000 trees in Greater Montreal, these four collaborators are committed to stepping up their game to


Transition Wow

What is Transition Wow? Transition Wow is a program of conversion and acquisition of light trucks into electric in order to help companies and municipalities in the electrification of their vehicle fleets. Save money by driving electric With our Transition Wow program, we offer you: a turnkey assistance service for the conversion and acquisition of


Waste management – IGA Stores

Since 2013, IGA grocers have benefited from a personalized consulting service that helps them to optimize waste management in their stores. This program was made possible by the Fonds Éco IGA. SUPPORT THAT DRIVES IMPROVEMENT Earth Day’s team of advisors have been making their way across Quebec and New Brunswick to meet with IGA grocers.


Waste management – Zero Waste Challenge

The Zero Waste challenge has been in operation since 2018, helping families in the borough to reduce their waste—and now it’s expanding! The borough of Rosemont–La Petite-Patrie approached Earth Day and asked us to come up with a tailor-made project to support businesses in the borough that wish to adopt an eco-friendly approach and reduce

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