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What is Action/Reduction? Action/Reduction® is a tailored support service that encourages organizations to practice better waste management. While adapting to the realities of public or private organizations, the program provides personalized support to help reduce the percentage of waste sent to landfill or incineration by reducing waste at its source and recovering it through composting


Aiming for action

You are a young person between 14 and 30 years old and you are involved in the environment? Participate in the Aiming for Action contest and receive a grant to carry out your ecological projects.


Charged For Change

Making the collective transition to electric vehicles (EV) is an important component of the global strategy to fight climate change. However, the infrastructure required to support this change can be cost prohibitive for many communities. Aviva Canada has worked with Earth Day Canada to create Charged for Change, a program that aims to facilitate the

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Distribution of eco-friendly items

Since 2009, the Fonds Éco IGA, operated by Earth Day Canada, has organized an annual roadshow to educate and equip citizens in Eastern Canada to reduce their environmental footprint. Since the program’s inception, a variety of items have been distributed, including more than 350 used battery collectors, nearly 24,000 backyard composters, more than 90,000 rain

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Earth Day Canada Workshops

What Are The Earth Day Canada Workshops About? Earth Day Canada is offering fun and participatory workshops all year long! We share concrete tips and tricks to reduce our environmental footprint on a daily basis, as well as useful resources to help people take action. Duration: 1 hour or 1h30 Virtual workshop only Rate: solidarity pricing



EcoCharge is a new network of 100 fast charging stations that are tailored to current and future electric vehicles. Located throughout Quebec and New Brunswick, EcoCharge makes life easier by allowing you to charge your vehicle while you shop for groceries at one of the 50 IGA partner sites.


EcoHack a Business

What Is The Ecohack-A-Business Initiative? Businesses are in a unique position to make real strides in the fight for a more sustainable future and may face sector specific challenges. The EcoHack-a-Business initiative, inspired by the EcoHack-a-City initiative for municipalities, is designed to strengthen ties amongst stakeholders who can support their own organization in its ecological


Food Fight

Since 2015, the Food Fight program, carried out in partnership with the Fonds Éco IGA, has held free educational workshops for people across Quebec and New Brunswick to provide them with simple, practical advice to help fight food waste.


Montreal Zero Waste Festival

This year, the Fonds Éco IGA will proudly take part in the latest edition of the Montreal Zero Waste Festival by means of a virtual booth providing waste reduction initiatives and tips.


Project 2050 : Earth Rangers Challenges

What is Project 2050 from Earth Rangers? Project 2050 is an initiative launched by Earth Rangers and supported by Earth Day Canada to involve children ages 6 to 12 in the fight against climate change. It’s an opportunity for them to participate in fun challenges and collaborate with other children towards the same goal! They’ll take concrete


Switch to renewable

Learn about how electricity is managed and sourced in Canada, and find the info you need to make the transition to renewables.


The Travelling Jar

Eat local all year long with The Traveling Jar and Food Preservation Day! From August 3rd to October 9th, several food preservation techniques were brought to an IGA near you so that you can enjoy the flavours of summer all year-round. The Travelling Jar concluded its journey on October 9th, the Sunday before Thanksgiving, with the celebration of Food Preservation Day!


Tomorrow’s Forest

What is Tomorrow’s Forest? The mission of the Tomorrow’s Forest program is to strengthen the resilience and health of forests and living environments across Canada by developing a science-based approach to tree planting. By ensuring the planting of diverse and locally adapted species, Tomorrow’s Forest supports the health of our ecosystems, and in turn, the


Tomorrow’s Forest – Green Infrastructures

Tomorrow’s Forest – Green Infrastructure, What is it? The program Tomorrow’s Forest—Green Infrastructure aims to better understand the roles that certain greening activities and agricultural practices can play in climate change mitigation and adaptation. With a grant of up to $4,500,000 from the Government of Quebec, Earth Day Canada is implementing several pilot projects in


Transition Wow

What is Transition Wow? Transition Wow is a program of conversion and acquisition of light trucks into electric in order to help companies and municipalities in the electrification of their vehicle fleets. Save money by driving electric With our Transition Wow program, we offer you: a turnkey assistance service for the conversion and acquisition of

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Waste management – Alcoa Foundation

The Action Reduction support is expanding its activities in Quebec! Thanks to a contribution from the Alcoa Foundation, businesses in the Portneuf and Manicouagan Regional County Municipalities (MRCs), as well as in the City of Trois-Rivières, will benefit from personalized support to engage in a source reduction approach for their waste. The main objective is


Waste management – IGA Stores

Since 2013, IGA grocers have benefited from a personalized consulting service that helps them to optimize waste management in their stores. This program was made possible by the Fonds Éco IGA. Support that drives improvement Earth Day’s team of advisors have been making their way across Quebec and New Brunswick to meet with IGA grocers.


Waste management – Zero Waste Challenge

The Zero Waste challenge has been in operation since 2018, helping families in the borough to reduce their waste—and now it’s expanding! The borough of Rosemont–La Petite-Patrie approached Earth Day and asked us to come up with a tailor-made project to support businesses in the borough that wish to adopt an eco-friendly approach and reduce


Zero Emission Grant

What Are Zero Emission Grants? From 2023 to 2027, the Trottier Family Foundation is offering grants to support zero-emission electric mobility projects in Montreal. This year, 4 grants of $4,500 will be offered to different groups or organizations that wish to implement initiatives to reduce greenhouse gases. The purpose of these grants is to: –

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