Help us raise $20,000 so 20,000 Canadian kids can experience EarthPLAY in 2018

Today, less than 20% of kids engage in outdoor free play during the course of the day — the kind of play that builds resilience, self-confidence, connection and a sense of well-being.

With your help, Earth Day Canada has the potential to have a positive impact on the lives of Canadian children. Support our EarthPLAY programs to bring enriched and diverse outdoor play opportunities into our schools, parks, streets and community green spaces.

In 2017, EarthPLAY supported outdoor free play for more than 14,000 kids. Our goal for 2018 is 20,000 kids.

Give now and Kruger Canada will match your donation – up to $10,000!

Every contribution helps ensure the quality and impact of our EarthPLAY programs.

This holiday season, give the gift of PLAY

Why is outdoor play important?

It generates creativity and stimulates innovation

It fosters environmental stewardship, agency and leadership

It strengthens social bonds, builds equity and inclusion

It develops emotional resilience and physical health

Our future environmental leaders are discovering their paths today. Your support is an investment in childhood and the environmental stewards of tomorrow.