Executive Director

Valérie Mallamo

As Executive Director of Earth Day Canada, Valérie is responsible for managing the team, operations, finances and the development of programs and partnerships. Passionate about nature since her childhood in James Bay, Valérie finds her inspiration and desire to protect the environment by walking or sailing along the St. Lawrence River, and in the forest while hiking in our parks or cross-country skiing.

Operations Manager

Yves Gauthier

Lover of the world and its cultures, of green spaces, people, fauna and flora, Yves has always been keen to protect the planet. When this artist isn’t colouring the world with his artwork to share his personal message, he inquisitively explores the unknown to better understand, (or the inspired invents to always do best). With a background in arts, languages and administrative work, he joins the Earth Day Canada team to participate in the awakening of consciousness in regard to the importance of reconnecting to our mother earth.

Accounting Technician

Ahmed Rabhi

After spending a few years in education, Ahmed made the switch towards accounting. It was this change of heart that allowed him to join our wonderful team at Earth Day and discover a greener path of logic, sensible quantification and masterful simplicity. He loves kittens, talking to his plants, managing his fridge with finesse and finding new uses for objects.

Directrice Ressources Humaines

Marie-Joëlle Bédard

Marie-Joëlle has chosen biking, walking, and cross-country skiing as her preferred means of transportation and activities. Her deep passion for human resources drives her to continuously engage in projects and initiatives aimed at improving the future. She is convinced that by promoting collaboration, communication, taking the time to listen to others, and getting involved in her community, we can truly better understand one another, have a positive impact, and make a difference.


Communication Director

Léo Cressatti

Driven by a taste for adventure and discovery, Léo always loves outdoor activities. Willing and engaged, he is committed to developing a sustainable future that respects the environment. Most often on a bike, he enjoys walking the streets of Montreal and participating in various cultural and musical events.

Communication Officer

Agathe Tréguesser

Agathe’s love of the great outdoors led her to the other side of the Atlantic, here in Quebec. Sensitive to environmental issues, she wishes to commit herself personally and professionally to the planet. With a master’s degree in communications, she is convinced that education and the popularization of information are major assets to a generalized awareness. Curious and adventurous by nature, she loves to discover new landscapes through hiking and backpacking.

Communication Officer

Véronique Blais

Passionate about sports, photography, and wildlife, Véronique has an insatiable curiosity for exploring the world’s most breathtaking natural locations. With camera in hand, she eagerly embarks on every adventure. Through her art, she seeks to raise awareness about the fragility of our planet, and inspire action towards environmental protection.


Maxime Dannel

Web programmer and graphic designer since 2007, Maxime is always available to answer questions from the team and to take up new challenges. As a guitarist and skater, he loves open spaces, BBQ parties and reading.


Programs Director

Mandy Albert

Creative, collaborative, and passionate, Mandy joins the JDLT Team with an extensive background in business development, sales, service, and project management. In her spare time, she enjoys travelling to different locations around the world to hike, snorkel, climb and immerse herself in other cultures She also enjoys creating and hosting interactive and experiential games and events for friends and family.

Waste Management, Team Manager

Carolyn Dolan

Carolyn enjoys discovering nature and the living creatures that inhabit it, especially when sharing these moments with good company. In her spare time, she plays with her cats, goes biking or reads books. Her motivation for her work is sharing her knowledge with others in order to encourage and facilitate actions that can be taken to protect our beautiful planet!

Waste Management, Project Manager

Sophie Lanctôt

Attracted to nature and the great outdoors, Sophie never misses an opportunity to leave the city to explore Quebec. Her studies in geography have allowed her to develop a great interest in environmental awareness and science popularization. For her, moments of friendly discussion over a glass of wine, good music and a board game are most enjoyable.

Waste Management, Advisor

Myriam Hyppolite

Conscious of environmental issues, Myriam is always ready to put her knowledge and professional dynamism at the service of institutions working for the protection of the environment and the valorization of women’s involvement. She is convinced that every action counts for the preservation of our dear planet. A believer, Myriam likes to watch the sunrise and sunset with her cup of hot chocolate while meditating. She is passionate about swimming, traveling and healthy food.

Waste Management, Advisor

Mathis Gobin

Some people find waste disgusting, Mathis loves it (even if he thinks we produce too much of it). A fan of “our garbage is worth its weight in gold”, he dreams of the day when resources will be used intelligently while respecting the earth and its inhabitants. He will need his daily dose of sunshine to shine at his favorite activity: strategy board games.

Waste Management, Advisor

Roxane Baron

Intrigued by contemporary challenges, Roxane seeks to understand the various forms of interaction between social and environmental spheres. At the center of her reflections, she focuses on gender relations and power dynamics. Beyond her desire to take action in the climate struggle, she is passionate about cultural arts, urban gardening, cooking, and herbalism. Her guilty pleasures include coffee and wine. She loves strolling through the city accompanied by her great companion, her sausage dog.

Action Réduction, Team Manager

Jean Delaisse

With a degree in philosophy from Brussels and in environmental management from Sherbrooke, Jean is driven by the search for knowledge and the experience of the sensitive world. There’s a whole world of ideas to think about and a whole world of natures to experience. Jean is passionate about literature and bird-watching. He’s never averse to an urban or regional stroll, or an in-depth discussion of life’s little daily routines. Jean has decided to put his management skills and expertise in waste management to work for Jour de la Terre, helping all players in civil society to adopt healthier habits.

Waste Management, Project Manager

Emma Sarazin

Dedicated to doing everything possible to counteract the climate crisis, Emma uses her optimism and determination to contribute to the greening of our societies. Passionate about the circular economy, Emma is a renowned thrift store hunter and even ventures into designing upcycled pieces in her spare time. Despite being a city girl by nature, there’s nothing she enjoys more than a walk in the woods or a sunset!

Waste Management, Project Manager

Julie Bécart

An eternal optimist, Julie believes that there are solutions to every problem, especially if we rely on the strength of the community. Very sensitive to the nature that surrounds us, she feels the urgent need to act to preserve it. She expresses this commitment through her role as a waste management advisor and her small everyday gestures. She loves long discussions to remake the world, yoga, climbing, and music.

Waste Management, Project Manager

Giuliana Merino

Committed to the fight against food waste and raising awareness of models of sustainable consumption, Giuliana fell in love with the environmental field after volunteering in Jaen, a village in Cajamarca, located near the Amazon rainforest in Peru. This experience has had a profound impact on her life. As such, she got involved in various activities as a volunteer to better understand the environmental issues of her native country, Peru.

Waste Management, Project Manager

Anthony Caron

During the day, Anthony is an eco-conscious individual, and by night, he transforms into a metalhead. He identifies himself as a musician, farmer, and composting pro! He is passionate about everything related to plants, climate, and meteorology, and is currently in the process of starting a small homestead in the form of a forest garden. He dreams of greener environments, abundant in plants and trees, and considers the radical shift in societal paradigms and dominant values as paramount..

Waste Management, Awareness Agent

Arianne Beaulac

Curious by nature, Arianne loves capturing little moments she spends in nature. Always discussing in the corner of a coffee shop, she spends time talking about social and environmental issues. It drives her so much. Through time, she’s been involved in many organizations and now she is joining us in the project of Residual Mater Gestion because she wants to join together her passions and job for our better future.

Waste Management, Advisor

Julius Ricard Mooney

Everything is interwoven, intersectionality is key. While having moved to Montréal in 2015 to pursue a bachelor’s in English literature, it’s Julius’ ethics and passion for life that re-oriented his path in the environmental field. Jovial and always ready to lend a listening ear, they are present at Mercier-Hochelaga-Maisonneuve’s eco-quartier to answer your questions along with their implication in the project aiming to space out the garbage pick-up in the borough. Bring up your favourite book or music genre and watch his tangents on art unfurl.

Environment, Awareness Agent

Julien Robitaille-Brisson

Liking taking on challenges by showing cooperation despite restrictions, Julien combines his passion for board games and reading regulations by studying urban planning. Through his studies, he wishes to plan a better future for the world around him while being inspired by his love of nature, the importance of inclusiveness and transparency in his exchanges.

Environment, Awareness Agent

Gaëlle Pépin-Roch

The Travelling Jar, Team Manager

Kim Méthot

Having spent her childhood summers camping in the forests of Quebec, Kim quickly understood the interconnectedness and fragility of the environment that surrounds us. Every day, she seeks ways to reduce her impact on the planet and hopes that, by setting an example, others will follow suit. Passionate about cooking, Kim dreams one day of having her own garden in order to strive as much as possible towards food autonomy.

The Travelling Jar, Logistic Manager

Mélisande Blanchet

An avid lover of life, Mélisande is constantly looking for new ways to move towards a more sustainable lifestyle and to inspire others to get on board to preserve our delicate Mother Earth. When she’s not wandering around Quebec looking for the best place to pitch her tent, she’s probably in her kitchen making natural cosmetics or expressing her creativity on paper in an unusual location.

Changez Rechargez, Senior Project Manager

Émilie Fargeout

Always up for a bike ride or a hike, Emilie is a true explorer! Green spaces are her favourite playground. Curious and positive by nature, she recently started living a more eco-friendly way of life and will not stop there. She likes to spend time with friends around a cup of coffee or a nice meal and to recharge, a good book, podcast or movie are her go-to choices.

Workshops, Team Manager

Camille Defoly

Joyful and positive, Camille is convinced that intentional daily actions make a difference! Her passion for theatre has led her to lead and organize several events. She loves to cook and to try new dishes with her leftovers. A friendly person, she is fond of board games. For her, all nature trips are an opportunity to marvel at wildflowers and mushrooms.

Workshops, speaker

Isabel Strachan

Passionate about bridging the connection between academia and the everyday, Isabel’s background in climate research inspires her to transform scientific knowledge into easily accessible material for the general public. Having spent a year in England doing her master’s in historical climatology, her love for the environment has led her to travel in search of better appreciating the beautiful natural landscapes from her studies. A fan of all things Canadian winter, Isabel is an avid figure skater and spends her time doing pilates, going to local concerts and discovering new wines.

Tree planting Director

Mathieu Neau

An optimist by nature, Mathieu remains hopeful that humanity will take action for its own benefit and that of our planet. Wishing to get actively involved, he joined the Earth Day Canada team. His mission? To plant trees (lots of them!). For him, forests are a source of well-being. He also likes to play cosom floor hockey, share a good meal with friends, and think of himself as a fine strategist when playing board games.

Waste Management, Project Manager

Arthur Lamoine

It was upon returning from a university exchange in Chile that Arthur realized our notion of societal development needed to be rethought. Determined to act against climate change, he’d like to contribute to the transformation of our cities and build more resilient and sustainable communities. Passionate about permaculture and homemade food, he spends his free time landscaping his balcony and enjoying the outdoors by cycling. In love with the Quebec winter and a big fan of snow sports, you won’t catch him indoors after that first snowfall!


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