Pierre Lussier

In addition to sitting on the Board of Directors, Pierre has been in charge of Earth Day in Quebec since its founding in 1991. In this capacity, he is responsible for managing day-to-day affairs and overseeing the design and implementation of programs and initiatives with the organization’s partners and civil society. He is also the Director of the Fonds Éco IGA.

Executive Director

Valérie Mallamo

As Executive Director of Earth Day Canada, Valérie is responsible for managing the team, operations, finances and the development of programs and partnerships. Passionate about nature since her childhood in James Bay, Valérie finds her inspiration and desire to protect the environment by walking or sailing along the St. Lawrence River, and in the forest while hiking in our parks or cross-country skiing.

Executive Assistant

Yves Gauthier

Lover of the world and its cultures, of green spaces, people, fauna and flora, Yves has always been keen to protect the planet. When this artist isn’t colouring the world with his artwork to share his personal message, he inquisitively explores the unknown to better understand, (or the inspired invents to always do best). With a background in arts, languages and administrative work, he joins the Earth Day Canada team to participate in the awakening of consciousness in regard to the importance of reconnecting to our mother earth.

Accounting Technician

Ahmed Rabhi

After spending a few years in education, Ahmed made the switch towards accounting. It was this change of heart that allowed him to join our wonderful team at Earth Day and discover a greener path of logic, sensible quantification and masterful simplicity. He loves kittens, talking to his plants, managing his fridge with finesse and finding new uses for objects.

Human Resources Director

Catherine La Branche Chabot

Passionate about moving towards a simpler lifestyle, Catherine is always looking for more sustainable alternatives. Driven by the desire to solve problems, no matter how large or small, she wishes to bring concrete and empowering solutions. You will find her with a drink or a coffee philosophizing about human behaviour and its impact on organizations.


Development Director

Kristin Mullin

Kristin is known for her infectious enthusiasm, her insatiable curiosity and love for nature. Kristin seeks ways to reduce her impact on the planet everyday while growing her own produce and tending to a flock of backyard chickens. She is lucky to live in rural Ontario where she has access to lakes, rivers and trails in which to hike, bike and kayak.

Development Officer

Phoebe Landers

Phoebe’s love of the outdoors quickly led to a desire to protect her favorite playgrounds. With a background in environmental and developmental policy, she believes the most important step is to make climate science accessible to everyone, to protect the communities and habitats most at risk. Originally from the UK, she moved to Canada for the mountains, and you can find her ski touring in the winter and hiking as soon as the snow melts.

Development Officer

Tomas Cazenave

Passionate about social and environmental issues, Tomas’ ambition is to have a positive impact around them, both personally and professionally. Open-minded and very curious about everything, they can often be found with their camera in hand or reaching out to help someone. Their motto: “Where there’s a will, there’s a way!”


Communication Director

Léo Cressatti

Driven by a taste for adventure and discovery, Léo always loves outdoor activities. Willing and engaged, he is committed to developing a sustainable future that respects the environment. Most often on a bike, he enjoys walking the streets of Montreal and participating in various cultural and musical events.

Communication Officer

Elise Karcher

Always ready for a good debate, Elise is convinced everyone plays an important role when it comes to protecting the environment! Curious, funny and a lover of Italian cooking, she dreams of the day mobilization and citizen engagement is within everyone’s grasp. On nights and weekends, you can find her in her urban jungle of 37 tropical plants, a book in one hand and a cup of coffee in the other.

Senior Communication Officer

Alice Debiolles

Alice is an explorer at heart and loves finding innovative, concrete solutions to make cities more sustainable. She is social and positive and always eager to engage in lively discussions about the fate of our planet. She loves enjoying a cup of herbal tea on her sofa as much as taking off on a biking adventure.

Communication Officer

Elysya Scerbo-Pasta

Elysya is a storyteller with a background in digital communications and marketing. She loves spending time with family and friends, long walks or hikes, grabbing coffee at local cafes, or just chilling outdoors with a good book or podcast. An animal lover with a deep appreciation for the beauty of nature, she is thrilled to help raise awareness and tell the story of our planet.


Maxime Dannel

Web programmer and graphic designer since 2007, Maxime is always available to answer questions from the team and to take up new challenges. As a guitarist and skater, he loves open spaces, BBQ parties and reading.


Programs Director

Karoline Bessette-Simard

Passionate about the environment, one goal motivates her: to find simple and creative solutions to protect our planet! She considers waste management as a primary field of action, since it concerns the daily life of everyone. Her favorite activity? Get lost in the woods with her tent and her friends!

Waste Management, Team Manager

Carolyn Dolan

Carolyn enjoys discovering nature and the living creatures that inhabit it, especially when sharing these moments with good company. In her spare time, she plays with her cats, goes biking or reads books. Her motivation for her work is sharing her knowledge with others in order to encourage and facilitate actions that can be taken to protect our beautiful planet!

Waste Management, Project Manager

Siham Kaddour

Taking interest in waste management, Siham decided to work in the environmental field. Dreaming of a better world, this is her opportunity to change it for the better, one step at a time. In her free time, she loves to discover new restaurants. A lover of the outdoors, a walk in the city or in the forest always brightens her mood!

Waste Management, Project Manager

Arthur Lamoine

It was upon returning from a university exchange in Chile that Arthur realized our notion of societal development needed to be rethought. Determined to act against climate change, he’d like to contribute to the transformation of our cities and build more resilient and sustainable communities. Passionate about permaculture and homemade food, he spends his free time landscaping his balcony and enjoying the outdoors by cycling. In love with the Quebec winter and a big fan of snow sports, you won’t catch him indoors after that first snowfall!

Waste Management, Advisor

Sophie Lanctôt

Attracted to nature and the great outdoors, Sophie never misses an opportunity to leave the city to explore Quebec. Her studies in geography have allowed her to develop a great interest in environmental awareness and science popularization. For her, moments of friendly discussion over a glass of wine, good music and a board game are most enjoyable.

Waste Management, Advisor

Katheleen Poulain

A lover of nature and travel, Katheleen escapes the city at every opportunity to camp in the forest, go on long hikes or observe animals. After studying geography and the environment, she chose the theme of sorting and waste as a way for her to take action, convinced that by raising awareness and mobilizing citizens we can meet the environmental challenges that await us.

Action Réduction, Team Manager

Jonathan Mongrain

Passionate, Jonathan works in the field of the environment for the love of his community. Between his bike rides and his life as a young father, he wants to contribute to the ecological transition of Quebec. He landed in waste management by pure chance after his bachelor’s degree and hasn’t left since!

Waste Management, Advisor

Havana Razafintsalama

Havana believes that everyone can and should do their part for the environment, starting with reducing at the source and putting some love into sorting our waste at home. Curious by nature, her thirst for discovery leads her to the forest for hikes as well as to restaurants of all cultures to make her senses travel and explore new flavours!

Waste Management, Project Manager

Emma Sarazin

Dedicated to doing everything possible to counteract the climate crisis, Emma uses her optimism and determination to contribute to the greening of our societies. Passionate about the circular economy, Emma is a renowned thrift store hunter and even ventures into designing upcycled pieces in her spare time. Despite being a city girl by nature, there’s nothing she enjoys more than a walk in the woods or a sunset!

Waste Management, Project Manager

Médéric Leduc

Médéric wanted to link these two aspects by studying environmental sociology. To help ensure that the Earth remains an incredible place to live she is committed to waste management. Between a yoga session and a few dance steps, she loves to go out and listen to music in bars and chat with people!

Waste Management, Project Manager

Fabien Wavelet

Curious and adventurous, Fabien spent two years travelling through Southeast Asia and Oceania, an extraordinary experience in the discovery and understanding of others and of our planet. He now plans to continue his explorations (eco-responsibly of course) and take care of our precious Earth as much as possible. A lover of good beer and hiking in the mountains, he likes to think that you have to take your time and appreciate the moment.

Waste Management, Senior Project Manager

Julie Arcand

Julie is driven by her desire to contribute to building a more sustainable, resilient, and equitable world. She is convinced that the circular economy is a powerful tool to accomplish this, and Waste Management is one of her favourite areas of action as the results are concrete and within everyone’s reach. In her personal life, Julie is passionate about the outdoors, gardening, and enjoying happy hour with friends!

Workshops, Team Manager

Camille Defoly

Joyful and positive, Camille is convinced that intentional daily actions make a difference! Her passion for theatre has led her to lead and organize several events. She loves to cook and to try new dishes with her leftovers. A friendly person, she is fond of board games. For her, all nature trips are an opportunity to marvel at wildflowers and mushrooms.

Gleanathon and Food Fight, Project Manager

Camille Dussault

Adventurous, Camille is enthusiastically involved in projects that are close to her heart and runs on coffee and sunshine to help her meet these new challenges! She is known in her circle for her passion for vegetables and never misses an opportunity to cook her latest discovery for you. Her favourite topics of conversation are cycling in all seasons, her most recent reading and Hector, her brother’s dog.

The Travelling Jar, Team Manager (Maternity Leave)

Kim Méthot

Having spent her childhood summers camping in the forests of Quebec, Kim quickly understood the interconnectedness and fragility of the environment that surrounds us. Every day, she seeks ways to reduce her impact on the planet and hopes that, by setting an example, others will follow suit. Passionate about cooking, Kim dreams one day of having her own garden in order to strive as much as possible towards food autonomy.

The Travelling Jar, Interim Team Manager

Émilie Fargeout

Always up for a bike ride or a hike, Emilie is a true explorer! Green spaces are her favourite playground. Curious and positive by nature, she recently started living a more eco-friendly way of life and will not stop there. She likes to spend time with friends around a cup of coffee or a nice meal and to recharge, a good book, podcast or movie are her go-to choices.

Tree planting Director

Mathieu Neau

An optimist by nature, Mathieu remains hopeful that humanity will take action for its own benefit and that of our planet. Wishing to get actively involved, he joined the Earth Day Canada team. His mission? To plant trees (lots of them!). For him, forests are a source of well-being. He also likes to play cosom floor hockey, share a good meal with friends, and think of himself as a fine strategist when playing board games.

Tree planting, Project Manager

Maribel Aristizabal

Maribel believes that a transition to a more environmentally friendly and sustainable society is possible. She is interested in trees, their importance in ecosystems and the benefits they can bring to our society. In her free time, she loves to read a good book in the sun, discover new places with her camera or take a walk in the forest.

Transport and Sustainable Mobility

EcoCharge, Senior Project Manager

Bérangère Ferrand

Berangere is passionate about reflecting on the world of tomorrow and raising awareness about it. This is what inspires and motivates her. An idealistic dreamer at heart, she is convinced that innovation and creativity are essential to change lifestyles. Photography, knitting, and walking in the forest are some of her favourite ways to recharge her batteries. For her, it is a must to wonder at the world at least once a day.

EcoCharge, Senior Project Manager

Julien Kuzdzal

Curious and attentive, Julien always loves to laugh. Trained in mechanical engineering, he has just returned from a year-long trip to Latin America and now wishes to get involved in the energy transition. If he is not drinking craft beers around a board game with his friends, you will find him hanging off a climbing wall or skiing in a fresh snow field!

Transition Wow, Development Officer

Alexa Lachaume

Alexa is always thinking about what we can do to reduce our ecological footprint. Her desire to become more involved in the energy transition led her to join the Transition Wow project. When she’s not making candles, she’s often up for a lively and exciting discussion. She likes to relax and unwind by reading or watching a movie with a cup of tea!

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