Pierre Lussier

In addition to sitting on the Board of Directors, Pierre has been in charge of Earth Day in Quebec since its founding in 1991. In this capacity, he is responsible for managing day-to-day affairs and overseeing the design and implementation of programs and initiatives with the organization’s partners and civil society. He is also the Director of the Fonds Éco IGA (French only).

Administrative Coordinator

Tara Frost

A lover of nature and community, spreading awareness of environmental and social impact is part of her daily life, as are sports, cooking, and singing. Adventurer and gatherer of people, Tara is an organizer of all kinds of events for fun and for the well-being of the community and the planet. She also enjoys her moments alone to read, write, dream, and travel!

Secretary General of Earth Day France

Rachel Ganem

A Montrealer in Paris and a Parisienne in Quebec, and a specialist in international law, Rachel is involved in the development of Earth Day in France since our beginnings in 2015. She likes to spend her free time wandering between exhibitions, the cinema, and the theater, and she never refuses a hike in the forest or a swim in freshwater.

Administrative Assistant

Julie Lebert

Creative communicator of sweet madness, Julie loves to share her discoveries: recipes for cooking, natural healing products, or the latest Quebec artisan she met during an event. Attracted by urban agriculture, and zero waste, Montreal is her ideal playground!


Director of Communications

Émilie Chiasson

Émilie is a great lover of greening, urban design, and sustainable transportation and believes that the key to exciting initiatives is positive communication and public participation. Allergic to the cold, she likes to be well surrounded and she loves to celebrate anything!


Maxime Dannel

Web programmer and graphic designer since 2007, Maxime is always available to answer questions from the team and to take up new challenges. As a guitarist and skater, he loves open spaces, BBQ parties and reading.


Director of programs

Isabelle Aubut

It is through sharing, knowledge, and example that Isabelle wants to educate people around her. Animated by the fight against food waste, by buying local, and by zero-waste, she believes that we can change the world, one step at a time. She cultivates small moments of happiness in everyday life – like reading, cooking, gardening, practicing yoga, or walking in the forest – which she enjoys with her family and friends.

Director of programs (on maternity leave)

Hortense Montoux

Hortense seeks, in her work and life, to develop concrete solutions to current environmental issues. She wants everyone to be able to feel involved in creating a better tomorrow: the path of solutions and local action being her preferred angles of attack! She also loves to bake, travel, and share a good meal with friends.

Coordinator – Waste Management

Océane Barth

A globetrotter at heart, Océane is as passionate about travel and adventure as she is in love with nature! Interested in environmental issues, everyday she tries to convert to the cause as many people as possible. Curious and fond of small independent cafes in Montreal, she also likes to make good meals and share evenings with friends.

Advisor – Waste Management

Alexandre Fichon

Passionate about nature and protecting the environment, Alexandre channelled his environmental action into volunteering with local groups in Montreal. A sports and travel enthusiast, he enjoys running and soccer as much as exploring new horizons.

Advisor – Waste Management

Sylvain Boissonnier

A lover of adventures and explorations, Sylvain likes to get lost in nature: whether it’s running, swimming, or cycling! Protecting natural ecosystems and reducing the man-made environmental impacts are important to him. Committed to strong measures of sustainability, he has developed expertise in the circular economy, and more specifically in ecodesign and industrial ecology.

Advisor – Waste Management

Karoline Bessette-Simard

Passionate about the environment, one goal motivates her: to find simple and creative solutions to protect our planet! She considers waste management as a primary field of action, since it concerns the daily life of everyone. Her favorite activity? Get lost in the woods with her tent and her friends!

Coordinator – Planting Program

Katherine Laviolette

This environmental geographer is dedicated to developing projects that improve the sustainability of ecosystems and the viability of biodiversity. Passionate about travel, she loves to relax in the forest, discover the beauties of nature, and campaign for a fair and sustainable world where everyone can enjoy this beautiful planet.

Coordinator of Projects and Communications

Romane Marcoz

A native Montagnard, Romane has always been surrounded by wild nature, inspiring her with a special sensitivity towards the environment. Passionate about decoration from recycled materials, DIY, and wandering outdoors, her next challenge is to make a caravan for a west coast adventure.

Partnership Manager — Demain la Forêt in Québec City

Jérémie Fuller

Fascinated by nature, this biologist is particularly interested in the fight against the climate crisis and the loss of biodiversity. Having grown up in Quebec City, he wants to support his city moving towards a more sustainable future. A very social person, some of his great pleasures in life are outdoor activities and board game evenings with friends.

Project Manager and Speaker — À vos frigos

Camille Defoly

Joyful and positive, Camille is convinced that intentional daily actions make a difference! Her passion for theatre has led her to lead and organize several events. She loves to cook and to try new dishes with her leftovers. A friendly person, she is fond of board games. For her, all nature trips are an opportunity to marvel at wildflowers and mushrooms.

Advisor – Sustainable Development

Daphné Constantineau

Passionate about travel, Daphne always wants to discover new horizons and adventures. Playful at heart, Daphne firmly believes that everyone has the power to bring about positive change in the world. For this reason, she has made it her mission to spread smiles and share her insatiable passion for the environment and sustainable development.


Project Manager – Development and Partnerships

Léo Cressatti

Driven by a taste for adventure and discovery, Léo always loves outdoor activities. Willing and engaged, he is committed to developing a sustainable future that respects the environment. Most often on a bike, he enjoys walking the streets of Montreal and participating in various cultural and musical events.

Project Manager – Institutional Development

Raphaëlle Dufresne

A great team player with an insatiable curiosity, Raphaëlle is always on the lookout for new initiatives to make our environmental behavior actions more sustainable. When she is not deep into a book, you can find her riding her bike in the city, hiking outdoors with friends, or caring for her vegetable garden.

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