Pierre Lussier

In addition to sitting on the Board of Directors, Pierre has been in charge of Earth Day in Quebec since its founding in 1991. In this capacity, he is responsible for managing day-to-day affairs and overseeing the design and implementation of programs and initiatives with the organization’s partners and civil society. He is also the Director of the Fonds Éco IGA.

Administrative Assistant – Human Resources

Catherine La Branche Chabot

Passionate about moving towards a simpler lifestyle, Catherine is always looking for more sustainable alternatives. Driven by the desire to solve problems, no matter how large or small, she wishes to bring concrete and empowering solutions. You will find her with a drink or a coffee philosophizing about human behaviour and its impact on organizations.


Director of Communications

Léo Cressatti

Driven by a taste for adventure and discovery, Léo always loves outdoor activities. Willing and engaged, he is committed to developing a sustainable future that respects the environment. Most often on a bike, he enjoys walking the streets of Montreal and participating in various cultural and musical events.

Communications Officer — Media Campaign

Myriam Charconnet

Passionate about wildlife and wide open spaces, Myriam is committed to protecting the environment, which has inspired her to focus her career in this sector. Strongly committed to the cause of animal justice, she is involved in various associations and animal shelters. Always eager to discover, she likes to travel, read, run to photo exhibitions and musical events, and… eat chocolate!

Communications Officer

Alice Debiolles

Alice is an explorer at heart and loves finding innovative, concrete solutions to make cities more sustainable. She is social and positive and always eager to engage in lively discussions about the fate of our planet. She loves enjoying a cup of herbal tea on her sofa as much as taking off on a biking adventure.


Maxime Dannel

Web programmer and graphic designer since 2007, Maxime is always available to answer questions from the team and to take up new challenges. As a guitarist and skater, he loves open spaces, BBQ parties and reading.


Programs Director

Karoline Bessette-Simard

Passionate about the environment, one goal motivates her: to find simple and creative solutions to protect our planet! She considers waste management as a primary field of action, since it concerns the daily life of everyone. Her favorite activity? Get lost in the woods with her tent and her friends!

Waste Management Coordinator

Thiaba Sène

Thiaba’s passion for the environment and everything related to it pushes her to search for simple, sustainable alternatives to help contribute to sustainable development. For Thiaba, this is more than just a duty—it’s her life’s purpose, especially when she’s playing the role of social entrepreneur. In her spare time, she really enjoys doing volunteer work, diving into a good book, drawing or satisfying her appetite for delicacies while learning even more about the expansive, beautiful regions surrounding her.

Advisor — Waste Management

Marie Legivre

After travelling for several months to Chile and Argentina a few years ago, Marie is making a shift for the environment in her professional and personal life. Curious by nature, she loves discovering new DIY cosmetic recipes, and is striving to live a zero-waste lifestyle. She also enjoys cycling (even in the winter!) and hiking in nature.

Advisor — Waste Management

Carolyn Dolan

Carolyn enjoys discovering nature and the living creatures that inhabit it, especially when sharing these moments with good company. In her spare time, she plays with her cats, goes biking or reads books. Her motivation for her work is sharing her knowledge with others in order to encourage and facilitate actions that can be taken to protect our beautiful planet!

Advisor — Waste Management

Ariel Guindon-Grenon

Ariel is passionate about everything she does and has developed a deep interest in preserving natural habitats. An extrovert by nature, she is always positive and loves adding a touch of humour everywhere she goes. Since she loves the outdoors, you can find her around a campfire with friends or somewhere deep in the forest camping and hiking!

Advisor — Waste Management

Margot Guimbal

Arriving in Quebec in 2018 is what led Margot to embrace a more environmentally-friendly lifestyle. She is grateful to have been able to study and work in several fields related to sustainable development and now hopes to contribute to a greener world in both her professional and personal life. She is always up for grabbing a drink and sharing a meal in good company and also loves shopping in second-hand stores—sometimes for hours!

Project manager – Clé en main

Kim Méthot

Having spent her childhood summers camping in the forests of Quebec, Kim quickly understood the interconnectedness and fragility of the environment that surrounds us. Every day, she seeks ways to reduce her impact on the planet and hopes that, by setting an example, others will follow suit. Passionate about cooking, Kim dreams one day of having her own garden in order to strive as much as possible towards food autonomy.

Project Manager — Transport and Mobility

Bérangère Ferrand

Berangere is passionate about reflecting on the world of tomorrow and raising awareness about it. This is what inspires and motivates her. An idealistic dreamer at heart, she is convinced that innovation and creativity are essential to change lifestyles. Photography, knitting, and walking in the forest are some of her favourite ways to recharge her batteries. For her, it is a must to wonder at the world at least once a day.

Project Manager and Speaker —À vos frigos

Camille Defoly

Joyful and positive, Camille is convinced that intentional daily actions make a difference! Her passion for theatre has led her to lead and organize several events. She loves to cook and to try new dishes with her leftovers. A friendly person, she is fond of board games. For her, all nature trips are an opportunity to marvel at wildflowers and mushrooms.

Project Manager — Transition Wow

Julien Kuzdzal

Curious and attentive, Julien always loves to laugh. Trained in mechanical engineering, he has just returned from a year-long trip to Latin America and now wishes to get involved in the energy transition. If he is not drinking craft beers around a board game with his friends, you will find him hanging off a climbing wall or skiing in a fresh snow field!

Project manager – Waste Management Development

Mathilde Messersi

Mathilde is curious, driven and energetic and is always ready to jump in and advocate for the causes she holds close to her heart. As protecting the environment is particularly important to her, she completed a master’s degree in Sustainable Management and Development and, since then, has specialized in managing circular economy projects. When she’s not working, she has coffee with friends and rewatches The Office in her spare time.

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