Earth Day - April 22 - and Every Day!

Celebrating Through Action:
April 22nd – and Every Day

Historical Backgroung

Earth Day was initially celebrated on April 22, 1970, marking the inception of the environmental movement. It has since evolved into the largest participatory environmental movement on the planet.

The organization was established in France and Canada in 1990, aligning with the internationalization of the Earth Day movement. In Quebec, since 1995, Earth Day has been celebrated through a variety of awareness-raising activities concerning environmental issues. The organization’s capacity to mobilize local stakeholders has facilitated its growth, leading to the development of numerous initiatives on April 22 and throughout the year.

In 2019, Jour de la Terre Québec joined forces with the Canadian association to become Jour de la Terre Canada / Earth Day Canada, so that the environmental support programs carried out in Quebec would expand nationally.

Earth Day Canada holds the Earth Day trademark in France and Canada.

About Earth Day Canada

Earth Day Canada is an environmental organization that helps individuals, municipalities and organizations reduce their impact on the environment by taking concrete action on Earth Day and every day. In addition to a large-scale awareness campaign on April 22nd, Earth Day Canada continues to roll out environmental programs and projects with proven positive impacts in areas such as waste management, tree planting, food waste and sustainable mobility.

Earth Day Canada Mission

Inspire, support, and facilitate innovative actions for individuals and organizations to reduce their environmental impact.

Earth Day Canada Vision

To be the leading force in Canada, inspiring civil society to take proactive steps for the environment.

Earth Day Canada Values


Optimism forms the core of our organization. We staunchly believe in a brighter future and in the capacity of every individual to make a positive contribution. This positive outlook motivates us to confront challenges with enthusiasm and seek innovative solutions. Optimism guides our vision, inspiring our team to persist even during challenging times. We approach problems constructively, maintaining a positive attitude that manifests hope and resilience within our endeavors. We consistently communicate optimistic goals for ourselves and our partners, showcasing the positive environmental impact of our activities and aiming to inspire more individuals, organizations, and municipalities to follow suit.


Inspiration fuels our organization. We continuously strive to nurture creativity and innovation within our team. Acknowledging the unique potential in each individual, we are committed to fostering an environment that encourages the expression of this potential while valuing diverse ideas. Our actions, activities, and programs aim to inspire all change-makers, motivating them to take similar initiatives. The increasing number of environmentally focused actions, activities, or volunteer initiatives proposed by citizens, municipalities, and organizations listed on our calendar is clear evidence of our success in inspiring Canadians to act in favor of the environment.


Inclusivity stands as a fundamental principle within our company. We believe in the strength of diversity and are dedicated to creating an environment where everyone feels welcomed, respected, and valued. Actively removing barriers that might hinder access to our opportunities, we promote equality of opportunity. Recognizing that diverse experiences and perspectives enrich our organization, we aim to foster an environment where innovation and prosperity thrive. Our commitment to inclusivity is serious, and we proudly share our values with our partners and sponsors.

Contact us

Earth Day Canada

5818, boulevard Saint-Laurent
Montréal (Québec) H2T 1T3 Canada

Phone : (514) 728-0116
Toll free : 1 800 424-8758
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Email: hello@earthday.ca