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What is EcoCharge?

EcoCharge is a new network of 100 fast charging stations that are tailored to current and future electric vehicles. Located throughout Quebec and New Brunswick, EcoCharge makes life easier by allowing you to charge your vehicle while you shop for groceries at one of the 50 IGA partner sites.

These Fonds Éco IGA powered stations reach 125kW, making it one of the fastest multi-vehicle charging networks in Canada. In only 20 minutes, they can charge your vehicle, which gives you just enough time to shop for groceries or enjoy a coffee at the ready-to-eat counter!

As of September 6th, 2022, the charging rate at our stations is set at the market price of $22 per hour ($23 per hour in New Brunswick). In addition, we are offering a grace period of 5 minutes after a full charge; the remaining time connected is then charged at half rate, or $11 per hour ($11.50 per hour in New Brunswick). Don’t forget, on the 22nd of each month we donate the day’s sales to a local charitable organization!

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A service that makes life easier and maximizes your time: charge your vehicle while grocery shopping or enjoying a coffee!

Advantages of the network

  • A network of Level 3 fast charging stations (DCFCs) which can charge a vehicle in just 20 minutes.
  • The network is located in secure parking lots that are accessible at all times and in close proximity to grocery store amenities.
  • The charging stations are compatible with all electric vehicles, including Tesla models (adapters available courtesy of the partner store).
  • Easy and diverse payment methods with the ChargePoint app (available on the App Store and Google Play) or directly with your credit card thanks to the payment system installed on the stations.
  • The charging stations are always installed in pairs and can be combined to provide 125 kW of electricity; they are therefore tailored to the next generations of electric vehicles.
  • The network keeps its community informed of the latest electromobility news while offering exclusive benefits.
  • On the 22nd of each month, the full cost of your charge will be donated to a local charity. Please register here for your organization to be considered to receive donations generated through this charitable charging initiative.


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