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What are Tomorrow’s Forest Greeting cards ?

To help citizens and organizations reduce their environmental impact during the holiday season, Earth Day Canada offers you digital greeting cards to download freely and to send to your friends, family, colleagues and business partners. By sending your wishes with these cards, you can double your contribution to the environment: reduce your paper consumption and at the same time help advance reforestation across Canada through our Tomorrow’s Forest tree planting program by making a voluntary donation!

2021 Edition

Tomorrow's Forest Greeting cards

It's time to send your holiday wishes! Earth Day ecards plunge you into a colourful and joyful universe full of beautiful surprises. Stroll through the snowy plains with a mischievous bear who reminds us of the essential role of biodiversity, soak up the refreshing air of the backwoods as you savour the beauty of precious nature, or celebrate all those simple do-it-yourself rituals that make the holidays so magical.
These cards have been designed and animated by Marine Ledantic.

This year, thanks to your voluntary contributions, the Tomorrow’s Forest program will concretely support forest resilience by planting trees across Canada. For every $10 donation, a tree will be planted.

The entire Earth Day team wishes you a warm holiday season with your loved ones!

Download your card

  • Fill out the form below and select your favourite card design.
  • Choose whether you would like to make a voluntary contribution to the tree planting program Tomorrow's Forest: $10 = one tree planted.
    If you usually send paper cards via postage, you can make a donation equivalent to the amount you saved. You will automatically be directed to PayPal to make the payment online.

    Are you an organization? Personalize your card by inserting text and your logo.
    A contribution of $10 or more will be required to access this option.
  • Your card will be sent to you by email. It can also be downloaded from the confirmation page. All you have to do is download it and insert it in an email to share it with your friends, your team or your partners!

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