Earth Day Canada works with corporate partners, donors and grantors nationwide across a wide variety of industries. We recognize the importance of all types of businesses in creating a sustainable future. Our work is grounded in science with a main focus on awareness and impact. Every supporter aids us in our mission to help people, communities and businesses reduce their environmental footprint.

Grantors provide critical funding to Earth Day Canada’s mission, a specific program or initiative, or our annual campain. We are thankful to each of them for their generous contributions.

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With the support of the Alcoa Foundation, Earth Day Canada will host Action/Reduction programs in 3 communities in Quebec; Manicouagan, Becancourt-Nicolet-Yamaska and Portneuf. The goal of this program is to help divert 3000 tons of waste from landfill and support over 350 business in implementing waste reduction acitivites.
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We are proud to recognize the governmnet of Canada in their support for the Earth Day Canada EcoCharge network. EcoCharge is a new network of 100 fast charging stations that are tailored to current and future electric vehicles. Located throughout Quebec and New Brunswick, EcoCharge allows EV drivers to charge their vehicle at any of the 50 IGA partner sites.
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With the support of 2030 Plan for a Green Economy, Earth Day Canada has been able to undertake green infrastructure pilot projects, including tree, plant and herbaceous plantings and the implementation of innovative agricultural practices, will be implemented on a total of 80 hectares. The impact of these measures will then be studied to measure the climate gains generated, particularly in terms of carbon flux, but also in terms of soil erosion, the proliferation of invasive exotic species, pollution towards waterways, the production of wood and berries, as well as biodiversity and how it creates habitats and movement corridors for wildlife.
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