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What Are The Earth Day Canada Workshops About?

Earth Day Canada is offering new introductory workshops on environmental action through three different themes. Thanks to these themes you’ll discover many valuable tips and tricks and gain access to additional resources so that you can become more environmentally friendly on a daily basis.

Each workshop is collaborative and includes quizzes and brainstorming sessions to better understand the different ways you can take action at both the individual and collective levels.

Duration: 1 hour (optional: additional 30 minutes to discuss levers of action)
Virtual Format
Rate: Prices start at $500 (tax free)

At lunch hour, during the day, or in the evening, discover our turnkey solutions. Fill out the form (linked to below) to organize a workshop for your beneficiaries (employees, members, citizens, etc.). Our team will contact you and answer all your questions to better target your needs.

Workshop Themes

I’m adopting an eco-friendly lifestyle

The current environmental issues and limitations of our planet sometimes lead us to believe that there’s nothing we can do on an individual level. But that’s not true! This workshop provides concrete, affordable solutions to help people reduce their environmental impact on a daily basis. Doing your part for the planet can start with reducing at the source by fighting food waste, reducing your personal waste, extending the useful life of your belongings and putting other cost-effective, eco-friendly
tricks into use.

Workshop available in English and in French.

I’m eating sustainably

From the farm to our tables, the way we eat has a major impact on our health and the planet. People are often unaware of the consequences of the way they eat or don’t know where to start to make an effort. But don’t worry! This conference provides an introduction to sustainable eating and offers concrete solutions to help everyone make more informed choices. After all, eating means voting with your dollars! Doing your part for the planet can start with becoming well informed and equipped with the right tools so you can make good food choices and fight food waste.

Workshop available in English and in French.

I’m reducing food waste

Did you know that reducing food waste is as important for the planet as lowering our meat consumption? It’s time to move away from the limp vegetables and forgotten leftovers at the bottom of your fridge, they’re a thing from the past! From your grocery list to your storing and cooking habits, discover all the easy tricks you can use to waste as little as possible. This participatory workshop gives everyone the opportunity to share their positive successes, while offering the keys to understanding how to reduce food waste, one step at a time.

Workshop available in English outside of the province of Quebec.



Workshops Coordinator

Camille Defoly

Joyful and positive, Camille is convinced that intentional daily actions make a difference! Her passion for theatre has led her to lead and organize several events. She loves to cook and to try new dishes with her leftovers. A friendly person, she is fond of board games. For her, all nature trips are an opportunity to marvel at wildflowers and mushrooms.

Workshop Facilitator

Tess Wittmann

Tess is passionate about local climate action and environmental education. She is currently pursuing a Master’s of Environmental Studies at Queen’s University researching City-Level Green New Deals. In her free time, you will find Tess sipping coffee, playing ultimate frisbee, and walking her foster dogs!

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