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What is meant by distributing eco-friendly items?

The Fonds Éco IGA and Earth Day Canada are joining forces to deploy a squad reaching out to citizens of Quebec and New Brunswick to raise awareness and help them reduce their carbon footprint. By distributing eco-friendly products at an accessible price, households will be able to take sustainability into their own hands.

Since its inception, the program has distributed various items, including over 350 used battery collectors, nearly 24,000 household composters and more than 90,000 rainwater barrels. Starting in 2019, a single-use plastic reduction starter kit was offered.

New for 2021, this year’s eco-friendly kit is 100% Quebec-made.


Sign-up to pick up your kit at participating IGAs in Quebec and New Brunswick and come to our Awareness Squad meeting from May 15. In addition to steering its mission towards eco-responsibility, Fonds Éco IGA supports the local economy by including products in the kit that are made in Quebec.


Composed of 100% Quebec-made products, this kit will allow citizens to shift towards a more eco-responsible daily life for just $15 (market value of $80).

2 fabric dish covers

La Fabrik Éco

Tip/Care: Machine wash or wash in soapy water and lay flat to dry.

Plus: Over time, the fabric may delaminate; give it a second life as an outdoor activity accessory (placemat or utensil holder).

1 food storage bag

Les Éco-libris

Tip/Care: Wash in soapy water, then lay flat to dry.

Plus: The bag can also be used for wet bathing suits after swimming or as a storage bag for other items!

2 reusable absorbent towels


Tip/Care: Machine wash and lay flat to dry.

Plus: Compostable at the end of life.

1 washable sponge


Tip/Care: Machine wash and lay flat to dry.

Plus: Since the outer fabric (pattern and microfibre) is organic cotton, it is compostable!.

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Once again this year, you can follow the adventures of Earth Day’s public awareness agents on Instagram as the distribution tour makes its way across Québec and New Brunswick!


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