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The Canadian Made T-Shirt That Plants Trees

Each year, an Earth Day t-shirt is designed in collaboration with a local brand to support the greening of Canada.
Thanks to this funding, trees will be planted across the country as part of the Tree Planting Relay.

The Earth Day t-shirt is also meant to make us think about our clothing consumption.
So here are a few things to consider before you purchase one of our beautiful shirts:

1) Do you really need a t-shirt?
2) If yes, can you put one of your other items of clothing back into circulation to make up for it?
Or you can organize a clothing exchange party with friends!

Once you’ve considered all of the above, you’re ready to buy a beautiful t-shirt made in an environmentally responsible way in Quebec. Good news, your purchase will finance the planting of a tree!

2024 Edition

In collaboration with C'est beau, Earth Day offers you an exclusive T-shirt entirely designed in Quebec. C'est beau is a company that embodies a vision of sustainability and innovation. Their clothing is designed, woven, dyed, cut, and assembled in Quebec within a radius of 300 kilometers. In addition to designing products made from recycled and organic materials, their approach goes beyond mere manufacturing; they have also been carbon-neutral for 3 years!

The 2024 edition of the Earth Day T-shirt symbolizes the pursuit of sustainable mobility for a greener future and echoes the Day media campaign! The Earth is skateboarding, and it also encourages you to use more environmentally friendly means of transportation!

This vision resonates perfectly with the origins of C'est beau, born from the idea of Raphaël Ricard who wanted to give a second life to recycled skateboards.

Support a greener and more sustainable future by getting an Earth Day T-shirt!

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