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For April 22, the Earth Day campaign will invite citizens to commit to taking action and support environmental organizations across the country.

Time to act! It’s time to mobilize for the preservation of the planet, each person can do his or her part and support environmental organizations that work all year long towards the same goal.

What is the Earth Day Campaign?

For many years, Earth Day Canada has run a powerful campaign that has been deployed on a multitude of platforms leading up to April 22. The 2023 campaign is designed by partner communication agency Sid Lee.

In addition to raising environmental awareness among many citizens and organizations across the country, this campaign also encourages people to take action. This year the campaign will be unveiled on April 6th.


Raise awareness of environmental action.
Engage Canadians in taking part and/or organizing an Earth Day activity.
Highlight local and national environmental organizations that are doing their part and taking action for the environment.


An Action-Oriented Campaign

The celebration of Earth Day is a great opportunity to take action for the environment. See our suggestions for activities that you can plan or find an event near you that you can join on our Calendar of Activities!

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