Media Campaign 2024

Earth Day

What is the Earth Day Campaign?

The Earth Day Canada media campaign unfolds across a multitude of platforms until April 22. Beyond raising awareness about environmental issues among citizens and organizations across the country, this impactful campaign aims to inspire as many people as possible to take action.

The Earth Day 2024 campaign is once again created by the creative agency Sid Lee.

Help the movement grow by mobilizing your friends and family to take action for Earth Day and sharing the campaign on social media!


Sustainable mobility

With over 43% of greenhouse gas emissions originating from the transportation sector and a rise in car usage, promoting sustainable mobility is crucial. Whether commuting to work or going on vacation, alternatives to solo driving exist.

The goal is to encourage a significant number of citizens, municipalities, and organizations to try different modes of transportation for Earth Day and adopt new eco-friendly habits.

Ideas of sustainable mobility

For the Earth Day 2024 campaign, discover our suggestions for special sustainable mobility initiatives.

– Use active transportation (walking, cycling, running…)
– Try out an iGo electric bike at one of the following 76 stores.
– Try out a new public transportation mode (bus, subway, train…)
– Suggest carpooling or opt for it

– Organize a sustainable mobility challenge for your employees using the RideShark application
– Offer a financial incentive for public transportation and bike-sharing
– Facilitate and encourage your employees to carpool

– Implement bike lanes
– Promote public transportation in the city
– Establish carpooling zones

Get more information by consulting our online tool kit.

Tool kit


An action-oriented campaign

Celebrating Earth Day provides a unique opportunity to take action for the environment. Explore our suggestions for activities to do at home and within your community, and discover events near you through our online calendar!


Mobilizing municipalities

For the fourth consecutive year, Earth Day Canada encourages municipalities to play a role in ecological transition. Discover the municipalities advocating for the environment and committing to making a difference on Earth Day and every day.

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