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What Is The Ecohack-A-Business Initiative?

Businesses are in a unique position to make real strides in the fight for a more sustainable future and may face sector specific challenges. The EcoHack-a-Business initiative, inspired by the EcoHack-a-City initiative for municipalities, is designed to strengthen ties amongst stakeholders who can support their own organization in its ecological transition!

This event combines:

• A virtual conference where experts will talk about environmental issues concerning businesses; and

An online learning-by-doing training program that brings together business employees to find original solutions to an environmental challenge experienced by their business.


Businesses choose a theme based on a real challenge they are facing in the workplace. Through EcoHack-a-Business, they will be connected with topic experts and their employees will be engaged to use Design Thinking principles and create real and viable solutions to the chosen challenge. For the first edition of EcoHack-a-Business, EY Canada has chosen to focus on the issue of sustainable office spaces.

Outside of our own homes, the office is the space in which we spend most of our time. As such, it is a space where individuals can have a significant impact when it comes to sustainability. Corporate initiatives may already have been created to reduce our impact on the environment in the office, but challenges may be faced when it comes to implementation or engagement. EcoHack-a-Business will give EY Canada participants the opportunity to fully dive into these subjects and work on solutions to tackle them.

“EcoHack-a-Business creates a space for our people to develop innovative sustainability solutions within our firm. The theme of the Eco-Hack will allow us to better understand how we can make our office spaces more sustainable while also ensuring our people have the tools and resources required to adopt sustainable practices and behaviors.”
Kent Kaufield, Chief Sustainability Officer, EY Canada


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