2016 Campaign

Let's offer our children better

Would we decorate our children’s rooms with destroyed landscapes and disappearing species? Surely not. And yet, this is the scene that we are leaving to future generations. We can do better. Much better. This year, for Earth Day, let’s give our children something better. Let us give them a clean and sustainable path to allow them to build a future for themselves. On April 22nd, together, let’s change our habits and celebrate Earth Day, keeping in mind that, tomorrow, our children will live with our choices of today.

Through this awareness campaign conducted by Sid Lee, we would like to remind you of the importance of taking action to preserve our environment. Together, let’s celebrate Earth Day through action, on April 22nd, but also every day!

The history of the campaign

On April 6, 2016, Earth Day launched its traditional campaign, this year led by the agency Sid Lee. Our partners and friends were immersed in a children's room with sad decoration in the hope that we can offer much better through everyone’s positive actions.


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