2018 Campaign

It's a hat we all wear

No more postponing until tomorrow, no more passing off the responsibility, and no more handing the torch to your neighbour:
On April 22nd, and every day, it’s a hat we all wear!

With a spirit of festivity, but also of the responsibility that we all bear towards the environment, the 2018 Earth Day campaign encourages citizens and organizations to show their willingness to take action.
Everyone, together, let’s take our hats off to the Earth: every action is a celebration!

“You must be the change that you want to see in the world”, Ghandi

The history of the campaign

Born out of a partnership between the agency lg2 and Earth Day, the 2018 campaign proposes, like a big party, to celebrate the Earth through action. The party hat embodies a festive, engaging, and inclusive vision. The launch of the campaign on April 4, 2018 was an opportunity to bring together various environmental stakeholders as well as to unveil the new Earth Day spokesperson.



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