The Charter for Earth Day Celebrations

Earth Day Canada works with many partners to address environmental challenges through developing programs in collaboration with communities, organizations, and citizens. Every year, Earth Day ensures that the April 22nd celebrations happen and have a positive impact!

As part of these annual Earth Day celebrations, all are welcome to organize activities in their communities and to stimulate the shift to a more environmentally-friendly society. As the celebration of Earth Day has become more popular in Canada, it has become essential for our organization to clearly define what types of events may be officially recognized. The ultimate goal of an Earth Day activity must be to improve the state of the environment by empowering citizens with the tools and resources to take positive action. Thus, events that meet the following criteria will be recognized as part of Earth Day celebrations.

The 10 commitments: 

  1. Positive awareness-raising: The event positively raises awareness of existing and emerging solutions for environmental protection;
  2. Inclusive: The event is non-discriminatory and welcomes the participation of everyone;
  3. Educational: The activity aims to stimulate education about the environment;
  4. Apolitical and non-religious: The activity is not associated with any political or religious cause. Earth Day values can not be used to promote a political or religious group;
  5. Promotes action: The event promotes action by providing information or activities that help people take action in their community;
  6. Non-commercial: Earth Day initiatives benefit the planet first and foremost. The organizer/s do not derive any financial benefits from their association with Earth Day, except for authorized partners of Earth Day;
  7. Environmental impact: The activity tries to reduce its ecological footprint to the maximum. Eco-responsible event organization is encouraged;
  8. Peace and solidarity: The activity is of a non-violent nature and is carried out in the interest of the Canadian environmental movement;
  9. Recognition of the Earth Day Movement: Earth Day marks the anniversary of the 1970 birth of the environmental movement as we know it today. It was celebrated for the first time on April 22nd, 1970, when US Senator Gaylord Nelson encouraged students to set up environmental awareness projects in their communities. As a Wisconsin senator, Nelson proposed the first major environmental protest in the United States to shake up the political establishment and force the inclusion of environmental issues in the national agenda;
  10. Respect for the use of the Earth Day logo and its trademark: Earth Day Canada is a registered trademark, of which the charitable organization “Jour de la Terre Canada” is the owner in Canada.

In return, Earth Day Canada commits to support those wishing to organize Earth Day celebrations by answering all their questions, sharing expertise, and facilitating networking. In addition, Earth Day Canada provides the public with action kits which are available at

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