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For more than 20 years EcoKids has created educational resources for teachers, students, parents and communities to engage in environmental action.

Earth Day Canada has introduced outdoor play as an important foundational pillar of education. Outdoor, self-directed play is one of the best ways to connect children to their environment and community; to nurture their ingenuity, independence and sense of agency; and to support their mental and physical well-being.

By fostering a meaningful connection to the environment through outdoor play, children are more likely to grow into adults able to address larger environmental challenges such as climate change and conservation.

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Outdoor play is a child’s most natural way of learning



Play is the primary means by which children explore the world around them and is a building block to physical, social and emotional well-being. EarthPLAY programs unleash the power of play in communities across Canada in the following ways:



Our resources help teachers, schools and parents discover how outdoor play informs learning and supports environmental education.



There are several environmental days during the school year. Celebrate by taking action through outdoor play at your school or in your community.



At a time when most children spend less than an hour per day outside, Earth Day Canada is encouraging school communities to celebrate Earth Day with outdoor free play.

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