Distribution of
eco-friendly items 2021

By The Fonds Éco IGA


New this year, a kit of 100% Quebec-made items was offered at the advantageous price of $30 (market value of $80) to citizens of Quebec and New Brunswick to help them considerably reduce their use of single-use plastics.

To help citizens go further they also received an awareness workshop and a guide to eco-responsibility offering easy tips to integrate into daily life.

2 fabric dish covers

La Fabrik Éco

Tip/Care: Machine wash or wash in soapy water and lay flat to dry.

Plus: Over time, the fabric may delaminate; give it a second life as an outdoor activity accessory (placemat or utensil holder).

1 food storage bag

Les Éco-libris

Tip/Care: Wash in soapy water, then lay flat to dry.

Plus: The bag can also be used for wet bathing suits after swimming or as a storage bag for other items!

2 reusable absorbent towels


Tip/Care: Machine wash and lay flat to dry.

Plus: Compostable at the end of life.

1 washable sponge


Tip/Care: Machine wash and lay flat to dry.

Plus: Since the outer fabric (pattern and microfibre) is organic cotton, it is compostable!.

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