Charge Up For Charity On The 22nd Of Each Month

Does your organization actively protect the environment or fight food insecurity?

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On the 22nd of every month, drivers will be able to charge their electric vehicles for a good cause at EcoCharge charging stations. Earth Day will donate the total amount of money paid for charges at each site to a local charity that is involved in protecting the environment or fighting food insecurity.

How does it work?

The EcoCharge network is located throughout 50 partner sites across Quebec and New Brunswick. Earth Day and the owner of the partner IGA store will select one charity for each site, meaning that 50 organizations will benefit from Charge up for Charity.

After one year has passed, the amount will be donated to the recipient organization as a lump sum (equal to the total amount paid for charges over the 12 days at two charging stations on one site). At this time, the same organization may renew their application or a new organization may be selected.

EcoCharge – Charge Up for Charity application

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