EY CANADA, TORONTO – February 8th, 2023

Building sustainable office spaces is a unique environmental challenge businesses face and it is a great area to focus on to make real strides in the ecological transition. It is the challenge EY Canada decided to take on for the EcoHack-a-Business event that started on February 8th, 2023 with a conference that laid the groundwork.


Tova Davidson, Executive Director of Sustainable Waterloo Region explained what a culture of sustainability in the office is and how it is more than a series of initiatives. It is an all-encompassing movement. Ghina El Haffar, postdoctoral researcher at McGill University continued by showing the different mechanisms at the heart of behaviour change, which is key to building a culture of sustainability. Finally, Andy Delisi, VP of Sales at Envirotech, discussed the role of space organization and office furniture when looking to make office spaces more sustainable.

The conference recording is available online.


The conference was followed by Design Thinking training where the participants pondered the question: How might we ensure that new and existing sustainable practices are adopted in the office? Their work provided implementation roadmaps for six projects and EY Canada now has the task to select 1 or 2 projects on which they will focus to ensure successful implementation. The projects foster awareness or taking action for several topics. Learn more about training workshops.

Below is a brief description of each project including obstacles and facilitators that would make implementation easier. The next steps towards implementation are also included and they translate into the formulation of a hypothesis to be validated. The outcome determines whether to continue implementing the project as is or to go back to the drawing board and make some changes before moving forward.

Project #1: Influencing Behaviour Through Positive Reinforcement

Project #2: Waste Awareness Campaign

Project #3: UN Energy EcoHack

Project #4: Reusable Kitchenware Program

Project #5: Let’s Go Swagless

Project #6: Circular Office Program


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