What To Expect
When Organising An Event?

1. Virtual Conference

The one-hour virtual conference is open to all staff members to discover an environmental challenge facing their company, to take ownership of the subject and to express themselves on this issue.

It is an opportunity to better understand the theme and to exchange with the experts invited to speak.

2. Leadership Training

The learning-by-doing training is designed for corporate project and program managers who want to be better equipped to achieve their environmental goals and bring more creativity and efficiency to their problem-solving processes.

This training includes the virtual conference and continues with three working sessions using Design Thinking and a solution presentation session:

• Week 1: participation in the virtual conference EcoHack-a-Business to discover the theme of the training and the associated challenges (1 hour)
• Weeks 2-6: 11.5 hours of practical training over 5 weeks (2.5 hours of practical workshops for weeks 2, 5 and 6 and 2 hours of independent work for weeks 3 and 5)
• Week 8: a presentation of the solutions developed by the team in front of the conference speakers in order to receive feedback to improve them (1 hour)

Why Participate?

• Enhance problem-solving and leadership skills of your teams
• Contribute to the resolution of real environmental issues facing businesses through a collaborative, creative process
• Share your team’s solution with a panel of regional experts to further develop the concept

Understanding Design Thinking Better

Design Thinking is a methodology used for problem solving that allows to find creative and innovative solutions and that goes through the following steps:

Identify (empathy), Define, Imagine, Prototype and Test.

EcoHack-a-Business focuses in particular on the first three steps of the process. Participants must put themselves in the shoes of the stakeholders facing the problem (identify with/use empathy) to help them better understand it and have a more complete vision of it (define) in order to be able to imagine solutions that solve the problem effectively (imagine).

Read this article to dive deeper into the process.

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