Attend An EcoHack-a-city
Public Panel Event

The EcoHack-a-city series will include in each region an online panel session that is open to the public, where regional environmental experts will explore a specific eco-theme.  Panelists will highlight some of the issues related to the theme being discussed, share their experiences related to these issues and identify opportunities for collaboration to address these challenges. Stay tuned for upcoming events in 2022!

Come share your thoughts, listen to the ideas of local and regional environmental experts and ask your questions at the EcoHack-a-city public event. These regional online panel sessions are free to attend and open to anyone and everyone!

Learn more about each regional EcoHack-a-city event, organized in 2021 in collaboration with a host municipality:

Exploring Small-scale Green Energy Solutions (Moncton, New-Brunswick)

Accelerating the Transition to Electric Vehicles (Ottawa, Ontario)

Rethinking the role of the local street of the future (Laval, Quebec)

Towards a Zero Waste Industrial Sector (North Vancouver, British Columbia)

Getting to Net Zero (Calgary, Alberta)

Do you represent a municipality, a business or a civic society organization and want to increase your positive impact on the environment in your region? Click here to find out more about hands-on training offered following the public panel event.

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