2020 Edition


In 2020, Earth Day’s four food waste experts gave 171 free conferences at workplaces and various public events across Quebec. Conferences were given in person or virtually, when required by the public health situation. Thanks to this new way of making interactive presentations, a total of 3,626 people were given tools to fight food waste at home!

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Food Waste Expert

Camille Defoly

Joyful and positive, Camille is convinced that taking conscious actions on a daily basis makes a difference! Her passion for theatre makes her the perfect candidate to host and organize various events. She is a friendly person who enjoys playing board games and also loves cooking and using leftovers to try out new dishes. To Camille, every outing in nature is an opportunity to be amazed by wildflowers and mushrooms.

Food Waste Expert

Louis-Philippe Potvin

Louis-Philippe is a strong believer in the power of food as a catalyst for positive change. He inspires his entourage to become masters of their own destiny by following a healthy, balanced diet. He believes that changing the world into a sustainable ecosystem is something that is done on a daily basis—one meal at a time.

Food Waste Expert

Édith Ouellet

For Édith, a professional nutritionist, healthy eating and food sustainability go hand in hand. She believes that reducing food waste is an important way to provide access to healthy food at a lower cost. Her concerns about access to information and concrete tools that promote food sustainability led her to co-found the social economy company L’Atelier du Goût.

Food Waste Expert

Eva Murith

Eva is not only fascinated with food but with its power to bring people together. That’s why she helps protect this precious resource by taking action to reduce food waste. She is the co-founder of Preserve, an organization that supports the fight to reduce food waste in hotels, restaurants and institutions.

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