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We say YES to all weather PLAY!

Kamik and Earth Day Canada would like to help more students step outside and play. In partnership with OLLY Shoes, we are collecting gently used rain and snow gear – for children 6 to 12 – to help OPAL schools in need build outdoor clothing lending libraries. With your support, we can help ensure that over 17,000 students in Toronto have access to great outdoor play opportunities – all year long.

Help us make play an integral part of the school day – whatever the weather! Donate at any OLLY Shoes location from October 1 - 31, 2019.

Outdoor Play Changes Everything

EDC believes outdoor, child-led, free play connects children to their inner nature and the natural world around them.
Outdoor free play allows children to explore, find adventure, connect with, and adapt their environments as well as build their capabilities.
Outdoor free play supports their health, wellbeing, sense of inclusion, resilience, and long-term interest in environmental stewardship.
Bringing back outdoor free play for children means transforming schools and communities so they respect children’s basic needs for self-determination, social connection, and natural environments.

Our EarthPLAY programs, policies, and campaigns provide extensive resources to support transforming our schools and local communities into vibrant, socially rich, nature-connected communities.

Outdoor play is a child’s most natural way of learning about themselves, their community, their environment.


EarthPLAY provides innovative programs, resources and tools for parents, neighbourhoods, schools, educators and policy-makers to bring outdoor play back into the day-to-day lives of children and youth at home, at school and in our communities.


Working with educators to develop a play implementation plan for outdoor time.



Reestablishing outdoor, self-directed play in neighbourhoods across Canada.



One-day events showcasing the possibility of child-directed adventure play using “loose parts” in urban green space.