Earth Day Every Day

Earth Day Canada helps people across the country recognize and celebrate the largest environmental event in the world, every year on April 22nd. We also work to make Earth Day Every Day through our award-winning, year-round programs.

Outdoor Play Changes Everything

Children across Canada are not happy according to UNICEF. The modern childhood takes place indoors, in highly structured, regulated, adult and goal oriented environments. Community and play are found on-line rather than the outdoors.

Outdoor, child-directed free play is essential to a healthy and happy childhood and to building resilient, self-confident, capable, adaptable, connected and innovative young people.


Our new area of focus, EarthPLAY, provides innovative programs, resources and tools for parents, neighbourhoods, schools, educators and policy-makers to bring outdoor play back into the day-to-day lives of children and youth at home, at school and in our communities.


Reestablishing outdoor, self-directed play in neighbourhoods across Canada.



One-day events showcasing the possibility of child-directed adventure play using “loose parts” in urban green space.



Working with educators to develop a play implementation plan for outdoor time.


EarthPLAY Celebrates Canada’s 150th with the
Wild About Canada Adventure Playground’s (WACAP)

Check out the WACAP Poster Series on the history of
Adventure Playground’s in Canada.