Accelerating the uptake of electrified vehicles across Canada

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What is Electric Earth Day?

Join Canadians from all over the country, the week surrounding Earth Day, April 16-24, 2022 to celebrate and experience Electric Earth Day! Electric Earth Day was created to accelerate the uptake of electrified vehicles by educating and providing hands-on experiences to the public. During this event, electrified vehicle dealers (including e-bikes, plug-in electrics, hybrids, and more!) across Canada will host test-drive events within their communities. In addition, organisations will work to educate their community through events related to electrified vehicles. All events hosted through Electric Earth Day will be included on the map below.

We want to encourage Canadians to explore the electrified mobility options available to them. That’s why each participating location hosting a test drive event will offer an incentive to each participant (incentives vary depending on the establishment).

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Click on the locations above to see the organizations hosting Electric Earth Day events in your area this April!


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