My Earth Day

2020 Edition

What’s the My Earth Day giveaway?

Are you a citizen, a municipality, a school, an organization, actually anyone (!) who is proud to show your love for our planet? Reinforce your commitment to the environment by organizing environmental activities!

As Earth Day approaches, register your activities on our online calendar before April 22nd and show your interest in participating in the giveaway by checking the box in the form. Each activity added to the calendar gives you an extra chance to win one of our many prizes.

Earthlings from all walks of life, let your imagination run free and celebrate through real action. Bring your friends and family together and help improve the health of our planet! Whether you want to create a small private event, an educational workshop, or a collective artwork dedicated to nature, let us know what you’re doing! Only public events will be posted on the calendar, but private events are still accepted in the giveaway.


Everybody can celebrate Earth Day with colleagues, students, friends... Join the movement, there is nothing more simple! Discover why and how to organize an eco-friendly event for a successful Earth Day.

2020 edition

Starting February 13th, 2020, share your own special plans for celebrating our planet, whether on Wednesday, April 22nd, or in the surrounding months, by adding your activity to the Earth Day Canada online calendar. Use the next few weeks to think about unique ways you can spotlight Earth Day and encourage those around you to take action for the planet!

Conditions for the activity to be accepted (see rules) :

  • It must celebrate Earth Day
  • It must include positive actions for the environment or raise the participants' awareness in a positive way
  • It must take place between February and April 2020.




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