Getting to Net Zero

CITY OF CALGARY, ALBERTA – November 9, 2021

In 2020, buildings accounted for 67% of Calgary’s community-wide greenhouse gas emissions. With the target of getting to net zero by 2050, emphasis on this sector and how to reduce building emissions is key for the City of Calgary.

Public panel event outcomes

The final public panel of the 2021 edition of the EcoHack-a-City program was held on November 9th. The invited speakers pointed out that retrofitting buildings has significant impact on reducing GHG emissions but also showed that the impact of building management and operation should not be underestimated.

Public Panel Event Synthesis

Potential Solutions

The leading question for the Design Thinking training that followed was: How might we achieve deep retrofits in the commercial high rise building sector (including mixed use of commercial and residential) across Calgary to reach net zero for buildings by 2050? The work of the two groups combined into one clear roadmap for the City of Calgary, from benchmarking to the standardization of a new approach to retrofits through demonstration projects.

Challenge – How do we achieve deep retrofits in the commercial high rise building sector to reach net zero for buildings by 2050?

About the EcoHack-A-City Series

Municipalities are in a unique position to make real strides in the fight for a more sustainable future. The EcoHack-a-city initiative is designed to strengthen the ties among stakeholders who can support this ecological transition!
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