Join the 2024 Tree Planting Relay
in honor of Earth Day

Starting on April 22, 2024, municipalities can join in the Earth Day Canada Tree Planting Relay. On the 22nd of every month until Earth Day 2025, cities across Canada will announce their pledge to plant at least 50 trees in celebration of Earth Day.  Planting trees is the perfect way for municipalities to highlight their dedication to addressing climate change and to reiterate their commitment to sustainability.

How to participate?

Register below, indicating your interest to be one of the pledging cities for this year’s relay.  The Earth Day Canada team, will review your application, confirm the month of your pledge and provide details and guidance on how to announce your pledge publicly. There is no limit to the number of cities that can join in our relay, and more than one city may be making a pledge each month.

Conditions of participation:

  • Minimum of 50 trees must be planted (trees do not need to be planted in the month of your pledge).
  • Municipalities are encouraged to plant trees that are native to their local area and/or fruit trees to create an edible forest.
  • Municipalities must provide confirmation with details of the tree planting to Earth Day Canada once it is complete (including photos and any media articles)
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By providing your municipality’s logo, you grant Earth Day Canada authorization to publish it on its web site.

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