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Celebrate Earth Day 2018 with Mowgli!

Consume Less

Plastic pollution and its threat to nature and human health is a pressing concern. Reducing consumption is a moral imperative and will make you happy! Buying things and acquiring wealth does not make us happy. Rather, connecting to others and our natural environment is the key to happiness—the mindset of sustainability!

Play More

For kids and adults, free play is our truest form of connection and happiness. Throughout April—Earth Month—Earth Day Canada is inviting you to #EarthPLAY for Earth Day!

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Share Your Urban Jungle Adventure

Earth Day 2018 is supported by Mowgli, the hero of Rudyard Kipling’s The Jungle Book stories and star of Kidoons’ upcoming play about the urban jungle.

Show Mowgli how you get outside and play in the urban jungle! Using #EarthPLAY, #EarthDay2018 and #ConsumeLess to tag us on Facebook and Twitter @EarthDayCanada, and on Instagram @EarthDayCan from April 1-30th!

You can win 4 tickets to Kidoons’ Jungle Book in Toronto on May 25th, and dinner with our President, Deb Doncaster! Click HERE for more details!

Consume Less, Play More for Earth Day 2018 TOOLKIT

Want to get outside and host your own Earth Day event?

Bring adventure play to your local park with loose parts!

Download our Consume Less, Play More for Earth Day 2018 TOOLKIT to learn how.