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I Walk, You Pedal, We Enjoy!

17 April 2024 | By Agathe Tréguesser
Sustainable Mobility

Ah, the morning routine! Amidst the marathon of racing against the clock, the busy commute of public transportation, the car keys forgotten on the kitchen counter, and the fleeting glances exchanged on public transport everyday begins with its share of adventures and smiles. So, lace up your shoes or get ready to use the bus as we delve into the world of sustainable mobility to get to work.

Walking to the office is a delight!

We often think about the ecological benefits, but active mobility is also a great way to unwind and maintain our health. Several studies have shown that engaging in a 30-minute daily walk five times per week not only lowers the risk of mortality and cardiovascular diseases but also alleviates symptoms of depression and anxiety.

In our team, we have several walking enthusiasts who brave the elements year-round. Including myself (Agathe – Communications Manager), I couldn’t resist sharing my blog post!


“I love walking to the office. I’m fortunate to have public transportation around me, but walking is my way of exercising (a brisk 1 hour and 15 minutes round trip), and it allows me to listen to podcasts and relax. Over time, I’ve created my own path, avoiding main roads and the noise of cars. It’s a great way to decompress between work and home.”

For my colleague Mélisande – Logistics Manager, it’s more about watching life happen before her eyes.

“I’m lucky to live about a 30-minute walk from the office, so using my legs to get to work just makes sense! It’s a little ritual that I’ve easily integrated into my daily life. With music in my ears, I take the opportunity to recharge (and get some vitamin D when the sun decides to show up). Being surrounded by nature, I love watching the city slowly come to life in the morning. It’s funny because I usually take the same route, and often, the same faces greet me along the way! It seems like more people than we think are using their legs as their preferred mode of transportation!”


Year-Round Cycling

Using a bike year-round is possible, even in Canada. Of course, you need proper equipment, and Arthur – The Project Manager for Plantations, can tell you more about it.

“I have 2 bikes that I use depending on the weather: a road bike from spring to autumn and a mountain bike for winter. Sure, you need to gear up properly, but as a true fan of winter sports, I preferred not to equip myself with studded tires; every storm turns my means of transportation into an extreme sport. My city is making so much effort to accommodate bikes, and these efforts are paying off because now I can make my trips without encountering any cars. What a pleasure to ride in peace and to see the smiles of everyone who has decided to venture outside. I love biking so much that I forget to walk 😊”

Don’t have a bike or space to store one? You might have a bike-sharing system nearby. In Vancouver, there’s Mobi Bike Share, or Bike Share Toronto for… Toronto! That one was a bit too easy.

In Montreal, it’s Bixi. In fact, in 2023, a pilot project was launched: year-round bike rental (usually open from mid-April to mid-November). To do this, a fleet of 1,500 regular BIXI bikes also donned their finest winter attire, equipped with studded tires and non-slip pedals. The project was a real success, with over 50,000 people using Bixi services during the winter. And good news, it’s back for 2024/2025! Our Communications Director, Léo, is thrilled with this encouraging news for active mobility.

“I love the bike-sharing concept; I’ve been using BIXI for several years, especially now that the service is available in winter too! The bikes are well-equipped and maintained during the season. Cycling is good for fitness and for the planet, and it helps me get ready for work!”

I Opt for Multimodality

Three of my dear colleagues live too far to bike to work, let alone walk. Fortunately, there are alternatives available near them.

Myriam, Waste Management Advisor, lives at the northeast end of Montreal, more than 17 km from the office. Despite the journey, she finds numerous benefits.

“To get to the office, I’ve adopted a multimodal approach: I walk, take the bus, then the metro, exploring different routes. This method not only allows me to meet people and better understand my environment but also keeps me active, allows me to enjoy music, and all of this economically. I find a lot of satisfaction in this multimodal approach.

As for Mathieu, our Plantations Director, it’s the REM (Réseau Express Métropolitain) that helps him out daily!


“I live on the South Shore of Montreal and regularly use the REM, metro, and my legs to get to the office in Montreal. Leaving my car at the REM’s incentive parking lot saves me the frustration of congestion and finding a spot in Montreal. I recommend public transportation to everyone; it provides a certain peace of mind!”

Finally, even becoming parents, using transportation can be a fun part (or almost). Carolyn has an additional factor to consider in her commute to the office, her adorable son 😊


“Every morning, I take my son to daycare, which is 4.5 km from my home. I’ve chosen to rely on my two legs (and my baby carrier) and public transportation; it takes me 1 hour and 30 minutes in the morning for the round trip! Our best option is walking or the bus. This summer, it will be biking! Oh, I’ve had the urge to buy an old Tercel to make the trip easier and save time… but our walks in the alleys, our observations of nature, and our conversations on the bus with our friends are precious memories that we will cherish for a long time! It’s priceless. Even though I start work a little later, I’m lucky to have an accommodating employer 🙂”

Choosing more sustainable transportation to get to work is not just an ecological decision but also a way to promote our well-being and often a way to save money. By opting for more sustainable alternatives, we can not only reduce our carbon footprint but also improve our health, reduce the stress associated with driving, and even create enriching social connections.

I hope these personal testimonies inspire you to try or continue your sustainable transportation journey, if you, like us, enjoy moving around sustainably. I am well aware that some regions are poorly served by public transportation, so why not explore the option of carpooling with colleagues?!

Every little step towards more sustainable travel habits counts, and together, we can make a big difference.

P.S.: Let’s stay in the sustainable mobility theme and order your Earth Day 2024 T-shirt, in collaboration with C’est Beau.



Communication Officer

Agathe Tréguesser

Agathe’s love of the great outdoors led her to the other side of the Atlantic, here in Quebec. Sensitive to environmental issues, she wishes to commit herself personally and professionally to the planet. With a master’s degree in communications, she is convinced that education and the popularization of information are major assets to a generalized awareness. Curious and adventurous by nature, she loves to discover new landscapes through hiking and backpacking.

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