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Earth Day Canada is launching a new program to facilitate the transition to electric vehicles in Canada

24 November 2020 | By Earth Day Canada
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Montreal, November 24, 2020 — Today, Earth Day Canada is kicking off the EcoCharge program, which will have 100 fast charging stations for electric vehicles installed in the parking lots of IGA supermarkets across Quebec and New Brunswick. This program was made possible through the support of Natural Resources Canada, which has made a contribution of $5 million.

By giving electric car drivers the opportunity to charge their vehicles in only 20 minutes—the time it takes to shop for groceries—Earth Day Canada is aiming to create a buzz and speed up the transition to electric vehicles in Canada. Sobeys and IGA, its Quebec-based subsidiary, will be the first partners to install the EcoCharge charging stations. Customers of 50 IGA supermarkets will be able to access two charging stations in the parking lots of each store by autumn 2021. In addition, on the 22nd of every month, the proceeds from the charging stations will be donated to a local organization in each of the 50 municipalities where they have been installed.


“We’re providing Canadian drivers with greener ways to make it to the destination of their choice. That’s how we will become carbon neutral by 2050 and create a future where our vehicles don’t harm the environment which is so dear to us.” — Seamus O’Regan, Minister of Natural Resources Canada

“Electric vehicles are key to creating a future that centres around clean energy, and today’s announcement in another step in that direction. Our government is looking forward to collaborating with partners like Earth Day on green infrastructure projects that bring us closer to our goal—a carbon neutral transportation sector.” — Steven Guilbeault, Minister of Canadian Heritage and Member of Parliament for Laurier–Sainte-Marie 

“We would like to thank all of the program partners, including Natural Resources Canada, the IGA supermarkets and the Fonds Éco IGA. They have confirmed their commitment to the energy transition in Canada by supporting the democratization of EV charging, as charging stations will be installed in both cities and more remote regions. The program objective is to facilitate the transition to electromobility for all citizens, no matter where they live.” — Thomas Mulcair, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Earth Day Canada

“Earth Day Canada wants to inspire citizens to transition to electric vehicles by focusing on the customer experience. Our charging stations are among the fastest on the market and are strategically located in order to facilitate the transition to electromobility. In fact, using the EcoCharge network means contributing to protecting the environment in two ways— encouraging the electrification of transportation and supporting Earth Day Canada’s programs at the same time.” — Pierre Lussier, President of Earth Day Canada

“Making our customers’ lives easier is a priority for us. In fact, the presence of independent IGA stores in all regions of Quebec allows us to offer a practical solution to electric vehicle drivers who will be able to charge their vehicles in the time it takes to shop for groceries. Contributing to the installation of charging stations in the parking lots of our supermarkets is another way that we are doing our part for the environment.” — Luc Daigle, President of the IGA Extra Daigle Supermarkets 

Key facts

100 Level 3 fast charging stations will be installed in the parking lots of 50 IGA grocery stores across Quebec and New Brunswick by autumn 2021. Users will be able to charge their vehicles in 20 minutes—the time it takes to shop for groceries.

Program partners:
o Natural Resources Canada: $5M contribution
o Fonds Éco IGA: $500,000 contribution
o Participating IGA grocers: $1.25M contribution
o Earth Day Canada: $8M investment

Location of the 100 charging stations in Quebec and New Brunswick


The 100 EcoCharge charging stations are installed in 50 locations across Quebec and New Brunswick. They are located in both densely populated and less populated areas and are spread throughout both provinces, facilitating access to electromobility. An interactive map is available at

  • Adapters are available at partner IGA supermarkets for Tesla owners who would like to use the EcoCharge charging stations.
  • Due to the adapters, charging stations in the EcoCharge network are compatible with all electric vehicles, no matter the model or make.
  • A mobile application offers live tracking and notifies the user when the vehicle is charged.



Photos and images are available for download here.

Watch our video presentation of the RechargÉco network here.

About Earth Day Canada

Earth Day Canada is a charitable organization that helps individuals and organizations reduce their impact on the environment by taking action on Earth Day and every day. In August 2019, the organization Tous les Jours, initially active in Quebec and in the French-speaking world, became Jour de la Terre/Earth Day Canada in order to expand its environmental support programs across Canada.

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