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Today Is Earth Day: “Leg Day” – Bet on Active and Public Transport to Reduce GHG Emissions

22 April 2024 | By Earth Day Canada
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Laval, April 22, 2024 – This morning, the organization Earth Day Canada kicked off Earth Day celebrations with a tree planting ceremony, attended by Mayor Stéphane Boyer and Valérie Mallamo, Executive Director of Earth Day Canada. Both arrived by bicycle at the annual event, symbolizing sustainable mobility and the importance of active transport. This tradition underscores Laval’s commitment to combating climate change and to active and public transport, the theme of Earth Day 2024. During the ceremony, the importance of sustainable mobility as a solution to the climate crisis was highlighted, supported by recent data showing that 76% of workers already prefer these modes of transport to solo driving. The data emphasizes the need for collective action to develop sustainable alternatives across Canada.

“The future of our cities and villages relies on access to active and public transport. Their health is essential for the quality of life and vitality of our communities. On this Earth Day, a symbol of our commitment to our planet, I invite businesses, cities, municipalities, and villages across Quebec and Canada to take a step in this direction. By strategically and sustainably investing in our infrastructure, and offering targeted and attractive incentives to our citizens, we will not only generate a positive environmental impact but also stimulate our economy,” – Stéphane Boyer, Mayor of Laval and national spokesperson for the 2024 Earth Day campaign.

Active and Public Transport for a Healthy Planet

The “Leg Day” campaign, created in collaboration with creative agency Sid Lee, invites Canadians to travel by active or public transport on April 22. The goal is to highlight the benefits of active and public transport, not only for the environment but also for physical and mental health. The challenge concludes today! Citizens are encouraged to try active and sustainable transport. From March 21 to April 22, those choosing green transportation options like cycling, walking, or carpooling can register at to win a prize. This contest has gathered nearly 40,000 participants and over 3 million km have been covered in active mobility according to Strava data.

“On this April 22, I invite all Canadians to mark Earth Day by abandoning solo driving and moving with active or public transport means. By choosing to walk, bike, or use public transport, every individual can significantly contribute to reducing greenhouse gas emissions and improving air quality. Join us to transform our approach to daily transport and make Earth Day a day of action and positive change for our planet. After all, Earth Day is D-Day!” – Valérie Mallamo, Executive Director of Earth Day Canada.

Promoting Sustainable Mobility in The Private Sector

Earth Day Canada invites employers and municipalities to promote active and public transport, both on Earth Day and throughout the year. Last month, Earth Day Canada revealed that half (49%) wish their employer would organize ride-sharing among their employees, but few do. By introducing incentives to your employees using sustainable transport means, you not only contribute to the planet’s health but also reduce the prevalence of solo driving on our roads. Companies like Fruit d’Or and EY Canada are already leading by example by adopting these practices.

“For Earth Day, as every day of the year, we encourage our employees to use sustainable transport means. Our internal carpooling program enables us to offer solid alternatives to solo driving, even in a rural setting! On this Earth Day, Fruit d’Or is proud to do its part for the planet’s health.” – Isabelle Gallant, Head of Sustainable Development at Fruit d’Or

“Earth Day is not a single day commitment, it’s a lifetime responsibility each of us must undertake to build a sustainable planet for years to come. In recognition of Earth Day, throughout the month of April EY Canada has been participating in a month-long Sustainable Mobility Challenge, encouraging employees to embrace greener commuting options. Whether through biking, carpooling, taking public transit or the heel-toe-express, these alternate methods have helped to save one ton of greenhouse gases to date. Through initiatives like this, we hope to create awareness and inspire a lasting shift towards more sustainable habits among our people.” – Laura Schlee, Corporate Responsibility Leader, EY Canada

150 Municipalities Committed to the Planet, Every Day

For the fifth consecutive year, Earth Day Canada is working closely with municipalities across the country as part of the Committed Municipalities project. Since its launch in 2020, this project has seen the participation of over 150 municipalities, all committed to promoting environmental protection and sustainable mobility in their territories.

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About Earth Day Canada
Earth Day Canada is an environmental organization that helps individuals, municipalities and organizations reduce their impact on the environment by taking concrete action on Earth Day and every day. In addition to a large-scale awareness campaign on April 22nd, Earth Day Canada continues to roll out environmental programs and projects with proven positive impacts in areas such as waste management, food waste and sustainable mobility.


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