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Earth Day 2021 Plans in Canada: Taking action for the planet across the country!

22 April 2021 | By Earth Day Canada
Press release

Montreal, April 22, 2021 — Earth Day Canada invites all Canadians to take action for the planet! The theme of this year’s Earth Day celebration is “Let’s Take Care of the Planet”. The goal of this celebratory day is to raise awareness of the urgency of taking action for the environment and to highlight the positive steps citizens are taking in their communities to create a more sustainable future, while respecting the health measures in place and prevent the spread of COVID-19.

“Earth Day is celebrated across Canada, even during the pandemic. Solutions, while respecting health measures, exist! Citizens and cities across the country are taking action and developing original initiatives to address environmental issues. It is by bringing together our ideas and taking positive action that we will be able to address the climate emergency,” says Pierre Lussier, President of Earth Day Canada.

Tree planting relay: a reinvented tradition continues

Several activities are planned for Earth Day, including the traditional tree planting, which continues for a second year despite the pandemic, in the form of a relay between municipalities. Every 22nd of the month for the next year, one or more Canadian municipalities will commit to planting at least 50 trees on their territory.

“The City of Mississauga is proud to make a concrete commitment to fight climate change and improve the quality of life of our citizens. That is why we have committed to planting 1 million trees by 2032.  So it’s only natural that we also wanted to participate today in the traditional Earth Day tree planting: a symbolic gesture that reiterates our commitment to the planet!” says Bonnie Crombie, Mayor of Mississauga and municipal spokesperson for the Earth Day 2021 campaign.

Watch the video of the launch of the 2021 relay as the ceremonial planting inaugurates the celebrations on April 22, 2021.

Special plans for this day of mobilization

On April 22, municipalities and citizens are invited to take part in this day of mobilization dedicated to the health of the planet. Several activities and unveiling are in store:

– 9 a.m.: Launch of the second edition of the Tree Planting Relay on social networks and unveiling of the first participating cities

– 12 p.m.: Virtual Presentation ‘‘Fighting Against Food Waste’’, organized by Earth Day Canada

– 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.: Displaying of video testimonies from citizens taking concrete action in their communities for the planet

You can also consult the calendar of activities on the Earth Day Canada website to find out about the activities organized nearby or online as part of the Earth Day celebrations. There are activities planned through April 25.

“Initiatives are being carried out in cities from coast to coast! Municipalities are at the heart of the ecological transition, and we are thrilled to see the commitment of so many cities this Earth Day!” mentions Thomas Mulcair, Chair of the Board of Directors of Earth Day Canada.

“It’s time for action! I’m ecstatic to see engaged citizens who have taken action for the betterment of the environment all throughout the month of April. Many have sent Earth Day Canada testimonials of their initiatives, which we are happy to share with you today. Earth Day is a way to highlight the involvement of those who care about the health of our planet,” stated Edith Cochrane, actor and spokesperson for Earth Day Canada’s 2021 campaign.


About Earth Day Canada

Earth Day Canada is a charitable organization that helps individuals and organizations reduce their impact on the environment by taking action on Earth Day and every day. In August 2019, the organization Tous les Jours, initially active in Quebec and in the French-speaking world, became Jour de la Terre/Earth Day Canada in order to expand its environmental support programs across Canada.

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