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Earth Day Canada’s 2022 media campaign : Call in sick to heal eco-anxiety

7 April 2022 | By Earth Day Canada
Press release

Montreal, April 7th, 2022 — Earth Day Canada is launching its 2022 campaign, under the theme “Remedy together”. The media campaign invites those who live with eco-anxiety, a mental health issue affecting Canadians concerned about the future of our planet, to call in sick on April 22nd. Canadians are invited to use this time to take care of themselves and each other by rallying around positive collective action for the planet.

“The results of the most recent polls are disturbing: 45% of Canadians live with eco-anxiety. It’s time for everyone to equip themselves with the tools they need to heal. We want everyone to take action as a community: a powerful remedy for eco-anxiety. Given the current situation, to acknowledge those feelings, come together and take action on April 22nd is the thing to do to take care of ourselves. The planet needs us to be in good shape.” says Valérie Mallamo, Executive Director of Earth Day Canada.

“The climate crisis and the mental health crisis are interrelated. Eco-anxiety is our internal alarm,  confirming that we are personally affected by climate change. It is a normal reaction and perhaps desirable, because it pushes us to seek solutions, to mitigate and adapt to the impacts of climate change in our communities. It can become invasive, but it is possible to learn to live with eco-anxiety, and transform it into a source of energy, an energy that can motivate us to act and to mobilize others around us.” explains Isabelle Beliveau, Co-founder & Executive Director of Eco-motion, an organization specialized in eco-anxiety.

Taking care of the planet to take care of yourself

Everyone is invited to visit By registering, participants will receive a symbolic proof of their declaration of eco-anxiety to share via their social networks. They will also find suggestions for activities as well as a calendar of initiatives they can join in their neighborhood. The hashtag #remedytogether will give visibility to every healing action on or around April 22nd.

“I live with eco-anxiety. I’m anxious for myself, my family and my community. April 22nd is a good time to take a step back and heal by coming together for the planet. Call your friends and loved ones, assemble and take action for the planet : you’ll see, everyone will feel better!” says Edith Cochrane, actress and spokesperson for the 2022 Earth Day campaign.

With everything that’s happening in the world, the war in Ukraine, COVID, and the climate crisis, there’s a collective feeling of dread looming. We need to act. The planet needs us to be in good shape. That is why, with this year’s campaign, we are inviting Canadians to equip themselves with the tools they need to heal collectively and to feel empowered : we are offering them the chance to take care of themselves and each other by rallying around positive collective action for the planet. Canadians are invited to visit to find out more about what they can do on April 22nd.” highlights Thomas Mulcair, Chairman of the Board, Earth Day Canada

On April 22nd, all over the world, the Earth is celebrated. An activity is nearby. Visit for all the details.

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About Earth Day Canada

Earth Day Canada is an environmental organization that helps individuals, municipalities and organizations reduce their impact on the environment by taking concrete action on Earth Day and every other day. In addition to a large-scale awareness campaign on April 22nd, Earth Day Canada implements environmental programs and projects with proven positive impacts in areas such as waste management, food waste and sustainable mobility.


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