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5 anti-waste reflexes to develop after trips to the grocery store!

8 March 2022 | By Stéphanie Tremblay
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To avoid wasting, there’s no point in rushing, you just have to start off the right way! As soon as you get back from the supermarket, there are several storage tips you should know to optimize your food preserving. Although these new habits require a little preparation, they save a lot of time over the course of a week, and they reduce wasting food and money. Here are 5 tips to follow, one at a time, for immediate results!

Hearts in the water

Many herbs and vegetables dehydrate quickly once you get home. To avoid wilted lettuce and limp herbs, just store them in the fridge by immersing the heart of the vegetable or stems in water!


With this tip, keep the crunch of the following foods:

Fresh herbs in bunches, like cilantro and parsley
– Whole lettuces, like Boston lettuce with roots and romaine heads
– Broccoli
– Asparagus
– Leeks
– Green onions

In a container filled with water, in the fridge

When you get home from the grocery store, take the time to wash and cut your vegetables before placing them in an airtight container and covering them with water. This (preferably transparent) container will be stored in the fridge and water will have to be added regularly so that the vegetables are covered.


For lunches and quick snacks, this works for:

– Carrots
– Celery
– Radishes

Straight to the freezer!

A simple yet very effective tip. In the freezer, baked goods will keep much longer and you will avoid losing the surplus. As for animal products (meat, hard cheese, fish), it’s better to freeze them in portions directly from the grocery store, at their freshest.


Foods that should go directly in the freezer:

Baked goods (sliced bread, pitas, naan, croissants)
Extra protein portions in freezer bags (ground beef, chicken, tofu, fish)
Extra cheese: grate a brick of cheese and keep a reasonable portion in the fridge and freeze the rest in a freezer bag.
Fresh ginger (which actually grates much easier when frozen)

Leave it on the counter

Some foods retain their optimal texture and flavour at room temperature. Leaving these foods on the counter frees up a lot of space in the fridge, and keeps them in sight, reminding you to cook them or transfer them to the fridge once they reach maturity.


Foods that will be more comfortable on your kitchen counter include:

– Zucchini
– Tomatoes
– Cucumbers
– Avocados
– Bananas
– Melons
– Pears
– Citrus fruits
– Basil
– Etc.

In a cool, dark and dry place!

For optimal preserving, some foods should be placed in a cabinet or pantry.


Such is the case for the following:

– Garlic (in a kraft paper bag with holes)
– Onions
– Potatoes
– Sweet potatoes
– Winter squash

Don’t forget to keep onions away from potatoes to prevent sprouting! You are all set otherwise 😉

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Stéphanie Tremblay

In love with nature, Stéphanie combines her interests in the environment and food in order to raise awareness of the importance of their food choices. Her professional training and experience in environmental education make her a knowledgeable speaker who conveys her passion with enthusiasm and positivism. In her spare time, she can be found in her garden or in the forest, gathering wild edible plants.

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