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Under the ocean, a world to discover… and to protect!

28 May 2024 | By Carolyn Dolan

In Canada, when one lives far from the coastal cities of the Saint Lawrence and the oceans, we sometimes forget their rich ecosystems. There is so much life underwater, and we still have much to learn. Here are some ways to reconnect and celebrate with the oceans that surround you.

When I hear journalist Alexandre Shields talk about whales on the program “Moteur de recherche” (French only) or when I see a new article published in the newspaper about them, I become like a child. Can you imagine that there was a time when I was completely unaware of the presence of belugas in Quebec Saint Lawrence River? A species that now fascinates and amazes me, just like the blue whale, the largest mammal!

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We protect what we love, and what we know!

In the last episode of Season 2 of the podcast “les Lucioles” (French only) guest Lyne Morissette, associate professor at the Institute of Marine Services in Rimouski and ecologist specializing in marine mammals and ecosystem functioning, shared a quote from Jacques-Yves Cousteau (Commander Cousteau) that struck me deeply:

We protect what has fascinated us, and we love what we protect.

Not everyone has the privilege of scuba diving, taking long sea voyages, and discovering the hidden wonders in our oceans… Some scientific explorers have made it their mission to share these wonders, to popularize their scientific discoveries to encourage people to be agents of change. Listening to podcast like The Ocean Optimism is a great way to deepen your knowledge with experts who do excellent work in scientific popularization. Many marine biologists have also created social media accounts to share their research and discoveries. Jessica Glazner – Marine Biologist is a PhD student studying the effect of different nutrients have on coral reef resilience, a very interesting subject !

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Nature and artists!

Have you ever visited the Marine Mammal Interpretation Centre in Tadoussac? An exhibition showcases the whales of the St. Lawrence and scientific research. Over 35,000 people visit this museum every summer! And if you’re looking for a backround music, I suggest the piece “Octopus’s Garden” by The Beatles I discovered during my musical research on the theme of the ocean. You can have fun creating your own playlist!

Other contemporary artists are doing wonderful work using rivers and oceans as spaces for creativity. If you ever have the chance to consult or attend a creation by Chantal Caron from Fleuve Espace danse, it’s beautiful! Some pieces have traveled internationally.

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Honoring the ocean across the country!

Throughout Canada, local activities organized by Ocean Week Canada, the national movement which includes Ocean Week Quebec, will take place. Whether you’re in Toronto, Halifax, Vancouver, or beyond, find an activity near you to celebrate the ocean from coast to coast! “Ocean Week Canada aims to raise awareness, inspire action, and foster a deeper understanding of ocean-related issues across the country.”

The mammals that fascinate us

To rediscover your childhood curiosity and honor the oceans, participate in an activity near you during Ocean Week from June 1st to 9th, 2024. Share and invite friends, you might be surprised by what you will discover!

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Carolyn Dolan

Carolyn enjoys discovering nature and the living creatures that inhabit it, especially when sharing these moments with good company. In her spare time, she plays with her cats, goes biking or reads books. Her motivation for her work is sharing her knowledge with others in order to encourage and facilitate actions that can be taken to protect our beautiful planet!

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