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9 January 2024 | By Yves Gauthier, Véronique Blais
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As we enter 2024, a new year full of opportunities is ahead of us! Like every New Year, reflecting on the past year prompts us to adhere to new resolutions for the future.

Despite your hectic schedule, take this opportunity to set yourself specific goals and approach this new stage with energy and determination. Why not start the year by committing yourself to the environmental cause?

If this idea interests you, joining Earth Day Canada as a member could be the solution. We recently launched a new membership program offering you the opportunity to get involved with our organization.

What does becoming a member involve?

Whether you’re a citizen, a representative of an organization (NPO, municipality, institution) or a corporation, becoming a member offers several advantages, including the opportunity to contribute to the governance of our organization. You’ll be invited to the Annual Members’ Meeting, where you’ll be able to comment and vote on the items on the agenda.

You also have the opportunity to apply, based on your membership level, to join the Board of Directors and have a more direct input into the direction of Earth Day Canada. The three electoral colleges within the Board of Directors include individual, organizational and corporate members.

A membership system is generally established for this dimension of governance, representing a democratization of the decision-making process. Given that environmental issues and the ecological transition concern our society as a whole, it is crucial to gather a diversity of opinions on how our approach should be implemented. We strongly believe that adding these voices to our governance can only help us to be more outspoken in our message and actions.

Become an individual member

As an individual citizen, becoming a member allows you not only to contribute financially to Earth Day Canada, but also to take concrete action. Your membership will enable the planting of three trees in the Great Green Belt, an area around Montreal in need of greening. This planting will contribute to the sequestration (capture and storage) of carbon, the greenhouse gas generated by human activities and responsible for global warming and various impacts on our planet, notably on the oceans.


What’s more, you’ll be able to keep abreast of the activities and programs we’re putting in place to support citizens, organizations, municipalities, and businesses in the ecological transition via our monthly newsletter.

Finally, individual members will be invited to take part as they see fit in volunteer activities (clean-ups, tree planting, etc.). It’s a great way to make a concrete contribution and expand your network of ecologically committed friends.

Become an organizational member

Organizational membership will give us the opportunity to create a national network of environmentally committed employees. We’d love to establish Earth Day Canada ambassadors in each region.

There are two levels of organizational membership, giving your organization the opportunity to vote on the theme of Earth Day’s annual campaign, celebrated on April 22. The contribution of organizations such as NPOs, institutions or municipalities to the discussion on Earth Day and current environmental issues can only strengthen the coherence of this initiative.

Your organization will also receive our monthly newsletter – a great read during a coffee break – which could inspire ideas for projects between our two organizations. This is also where we’ll highlight our association and your membership.

In addition, Earth Day Canada is committed to providing a letter of support signed by our Board Chair or Executive Director to one of your projects, consistent with our values, vision, and mission. As an organization established for over 30 years, our support usually carries considerable weight.

By joining the second level, your organization will benefit from a discount on a coaching program. With a variety of programs designed to support citizens and businesses, we strongly encourage employees to implement them, which will also help build relationships with other players in your region.

Become a corporate member

Finally, if you work for a company, it’s just as interesting to show your environmentalist colors and participate in the governance of our organization. In addition to being able to boast about this involvement, your corporate organization will be able to play an essential role in the realization of solutions for society’s ecological transition.

Depending on your geolocation and involvement, we’ll offer you a number of ways to get involved in the ecological transition: whether by inviting your organization to our Urban Banquet, a festive event that brings together people from the business world around the environmental topic, or by letting us organize a volunteer activity for your company’s employees.


Free workshops

In addition to all these great benefits, members have access to one of our educational workshops of which: “I’m eating sustainably” on more environmental-friendly eating habits, “I’m reducing food waste” on sustainable eating practices focused on food waste, and “I’m adopting an eco-friendly lifestyle” tackling various concrete daily actions. These are offered on a non-exclusive basis on predetermined dates throughout the year. It should be noted that corporations are entitled to one or more exclusive workshops at their convenience, in addition to being able to attend the non-exclusive workshops.


Whether you’re a representative of a company, an NPO, a municipality, an institution, or an individual, this membership offers an excellent opportunity to join Earth Day Canada, get involved, and demonstrate your commitment to the environment. Join us in this exciting adventure for the planet. Together, let’s turn our good intentions into concrete actions, because every gesture counts in building a vibrant, ecological future.

Executive Assistant

Yves Gauthier

Lover of the world and its cultures, of green spaces, people, fauna and flora, Yves has always been keen to protect the planet. When this artist isn’t colouring the world with his artwork to share his personal message, he inquisitively explores the unknown to better understand, (or the inspired invents to always do best). With a background in arts, languages and administrative work, he joins the Earth Day Canada team to participate in the awakening of consciousness in regard to the importance of reconnecting to our mother earth.

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Communication Officer

Véronique Blais

Passionate about sports, photography, and wildlife, Véronique has an insatiable curiosity for exploring the world’s most breathtaking natural locations. With camera in hand, she eagerly embarks on every adventure. Through her art, she seeks to raise awareness about the fragility of our planet, and inspire action towards environmental protection.

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