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Sustainable Mobility


Sustainable mobility: best practices in businesses

26 March 2024 | By Carolyn Dolan
Sustainable Mobility

Sustainable mobility has become a major issue, and Canada is no exception. Several Canadian companies stand out for their concrete actions in favor of sustainable mobility. Let’s look at two companies that excel in inspiring you to implement a plan in your workplace! Each province has a different political context, making it easier to find examples in the Quebec region where several sources of funding are available. We are curious to learn about initiatives elsewhere in Canada, so share them in your networks and mention Earth Day!

Some benefits to highlight

When we choose active modes of transportation (walking and cycling), public transit (urban or intercity buses, trains, subways, etc.), or alternative modes (car-sharing and carpooling), several positive environmental, social, and economic impacts come to the forefront!

– Reducing non-renewable energy consumption, greenhouse gas emissions, air pollution, and heat islands;
– Decreasing traffic congestion, sedentary lifestyle, noise pollution, stress related to driving, and time wasted searching for parking spaces;
– Lowering costs associated with road and parking management (maintenance, snow removal, infrastructure, leasing, etc.)


A Leader in Sustainable Mobility

An interesting article (french only) was published regarding companies’ parking management. An inequality exists among employees based on the mode of transportation used. Those using public transit bear the full costs of their commutes, while the employer covers parking management costs for employees who drive to work. This inadvertently encourages solo driving.

If employees are encouraged to use other modes of transportation through financial incentive programs like the Montreal Olympic Park, potential savings can be realized. In fact, the latter received the Propulseur prize as part of the Leaders in Sustainable Mobility Prize 2023.

According to a 2024 study conducted by Ipsos for Earth Day Canada, about 50% of Canadian workers say they would take advantage of incentives or allowances for public transit if offered by their employers!

Implementing actions in a company may require an initial investment from the employer or a new routine for employees, but the long-term benefits are positive for everyone. There is also a potential reduction of expenses for you! Have you ever calculated how much your personal vehicle costs you? As the CAA calculator indicates, there is more than just the vehicle price to consider!


When Soft Mobility Aligns with Carpooling

Fruit d’Or, a fruit production company located outside major urban centers, launched a carpooling initiative for its 300 employees in Quebec. With remote sites, the platform aims to encourage employees to share rides, foster connections, ensure office presence, and make a significant ecological impact.

Carpooling trips are reimbursed, providing a financial incentive for drivers.

The main motivation for the initiative is environmental impact, while also aiming to recognize and reward those already carpooling. Despite initial hurdles related to the need for incentives, the program was well-received, with automatic reimbursement linked to the payroll system.

The company considers investing in carpooling by using resources already allocated for gas reimbursement. With a team of two working on the program and two payroll personnel, the company emphasized that it required only a small addition to human resources for the program to become a daily routine after implementation. Next steps will include evaluating actual program usage, total investment cost, and the percentage of benefit compared to the cost.



Look to initiatives like Fruit d’Or and the Olympic Park to inspire and create a plan in your company or present a plan to your employer! To assist you, don’t worry – we have experts in Quebec. The Association of Quebec Travel Management Centers brings together 8 organizations that divide the territory, with their mission being “to advise employers, institutions, and municipalities on sustainable mobility so that everyone benefits in environmental, social, and economic matters.”

In Ontario, RideShark Unified Mobility has developed an application to meet the needs of businesses, universities, and municipalities to raise awareness and encourage the use of sustainable transportation modes. The app helps you plan your trips using various transport modes, such as carpooling!

To help you achieve the goals of your new business sustainable mobility plan, research and stay alert for local or regional funding opportunities in your sector. The Trottier Family Foundation offers $4,500 grants to support zero emission sustainable mobility projects in Montreal. Don’t wait; you still have until April 15th to submit a project!

Undoubtedly, businesses can be leaders and must play a significant role in this transition.

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Carolyn Dolan

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